Best monitor settings for eyes?

I have started to do this business full-time now and just bought dual 21 inch monitors. It rocks, but I am sure it is going to start hurting the eyes.

What are the easiest on the eye settings for the monitor? I currently have them at 9300k and really like that look, but is there some industry standard study or something that lists the easiest on the eye at 5600k or something?

What do you guys recommend for long periods of time? I am talking like 12+ hours a day right now as I grow my businesses.

I find blinking occasionaly helps.

I get real bad headaches if I work to long… thats what I tell my boss anyway. :slight_smile:

I recommend you get away from your desk for 5-10 minutes every 2 hours at least. Your eyes will thank you :).

I would set the Refresh Rate as high as you can.

For best results, set the refresh rate to 85 or higher.

The monitor will support higher refresh rates when you decrease the resolution, so you should have the resolution as high as possible while still using a refresh rate of 85.

On my 5 year old monitor at home, the highest resolution while still at 85hz is 1024x768, so I use that.

The colour temperature should be set according to where you use the computer. I prefer setting it reasonably cool (9300k is the cool end). Set it cool especially if you are going to use it in the daytime with sunlight coming in the window. If you are going to use it where no light ever comes in the window, you may want to warm it up a bit (nudge it toward 5600k).

Now, get a ruler and make sure that the pixels are square. Make a 1000x1000 square on the screen and measure to ensure it has the same width and height. Adjust the monitor settings if necessary. You may have to have more underscan than you really want, but underscan is important! I hate it when people have screen areas that bleed into overscan - looks dodgy. At least 6mm (1/4 inch) of underscan on all four sides is reasonable.

Depending on whether the monitor has a completely flat tube or not, it may be easier or harder to adjust the pillow/trapezoid/skew etc.

Best advice I’ve heard :slight_smile:

Get Break Reminder. I set it to blacken the screen every micropause and rest break so I have to look away.

For me, 85 hz causes eyestrain, so I have to use 100 hz. Warning: make sure you monitor supports 100 hz. :slight_smile:

Yeah, you should see how bloodshot my eyes are if I’m on a 10 hour code-a-thon. It’s not fun :frowning:

I can’t look at any monitor for more than 15 minutes without my eyes getting hurt. That’s why I use glasses. Only when I’m in front of a monitor, though.

haha. my monitor supports 1024x768 @ 85Htz and 1280x1024 @ 60Htz. I switch between the two depending on my mood and what lighting is available at the time :wink:

85Htz or higher is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED !!!

Do glasses lengthen the time you can be infront of a monitor ? (Maybe why I can be so long :wink: )

If you are long-sighted, then yes, you should wear glasses when using a computer. Otherwise, there’s no point wearing glasses.

Well, in my case if I use glasses I’m able to stay in front of a monitor for all the hours I want. My eyes might get tired but they won’t hurt.

I have my screen at 1600 X 1200 85hz but I still find I get really bad eye strain at times. My screen is decent - A Dell 19" flat CRT - I’m thinking a flat panel (LCD) may help along with the regular breaks mentioned.

Apparently TFT monitors do help the eyes significantly much more than CRTs…

LCD’s are much better on the eyes cos the screen doesnt flicker :wink:

My screen is set at 85hz and I can’t see any noticeable flicker but I do know that CRTs give off radiation so that may cause eye problems or other health impacts. Basically I will buy TFT next (when I can afford it) but in the meantime I will just take regular breaks for a drink/snack/beer etc!

Of course the other thing to consider is … what your actually viewing. Sites heavily laden with flash and animated graphics would be harder on the eyes, and those “rude sites” are very bad for your eyes … why you can even go blind look at them.
Some nights I have that much trouble making out what’s on the screen at all, but that is usually cause by having to long a break away from the monitor and to much liquid refreshment while on the breaks.


lol indeed! Those sites should carry a government health warning…