Best CMS for E-Commerce Website

I want to develop a E-Commerce website which sells cosmetic products for women. Which CMS will you suggest for making such kind of website easily and within a short period of time?

You can go with PHP, its easy to use. .Net is also good if you are expert in .Net then you can go with it

Thanks for your suggestion.

The best content management system for small om medium sized webstores is WordPress + WP plugins for eCommerce.

I am also using wordpress but i am not sure if i would recommend it.

Use Magento!

Majento is perfect for big and professional stores (f lot of domains, millions of customers daily). Also it is pretty expencive and hard to manage for beginners If your shopping cat is medium sized I would not recommend Majento. There are much more convenient solutions.

I think drupal and magento are the best emerging CMS as they have awesome themes. It also offers you the flexibility in any type of complex e commerce website for the businesses. This is really good for those businesses who would like to develop their websites with rich features.

I would also vote for Magento. It’s a powerful, feature and probably the best open source ecommerce platform on the market.

There are already other threads that discuss “the best CMS” where members make posts which seem more like opinion than anything of substance.

Please mention why the CMS is best for selling cosmetic products for women and why it is best for making such kind of website easily and within a short period of time

Magento or Wordpress Ecommerce. Best about these CMS is because its easy to use and you can customize your ecommerce sites on what you want.

There are lot of E-commerce website making CMS among them I have found that Magento Platform is very user friendly and very easy to to upload product and make any necessary changes, I have worked in this platform.

Thanks all for your valuable suggestions. They really proved beneficial to me.

I think Drupal and Wordpress and its plugins are the good CMS for the E commerce website…

i think WordPress is best for E-commerce you will with WordPress it easy and you make site 2 or 3 days

Thanks everyone,

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