Wordpress eCom or Magento CMS decision - full specs listed, PLS HELP

I have suggested a website redevelopment project for a client in the (B2B) retail services sector.

The proposed website is a split of products (catalogue only at this stage) and information. In the near future it will have eCommerce/online shopping functionality, but only for about 60-70% of their products (total of 100). They want the inventory to be integrated with their popular ERP/Inventory System.

I had the idea that a wordpress site with cart plug in functionality could suffice. However the Magento has crept into the conversation due to its powerful eCommerce capabilities. It won’t be a massive site but the integration with their inventory systems is critical.

It will need to be:

  • easy for my clients (non-technical people) to maintain the catalogue
  • as functional as any other informative/corporate website
  • will also have blog capabilities
  • needs to maintain the company’s excellent SEO ranking
  • integrated to include email marketing perhaps directly from their ERP system
  • be easy and inexpensive to maintain and secure
  • have excellent cross-categorisation/navigation functionality
  • 3D rotating product images should be easily implemented

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated


it sounds more like a wordpress solution.

We use Magento and it is a huge system but it can handle a lot.
Maybe simply prioritise your points.

If your client is spending 3 hours in the backend every day, maybe wordpress would be the way to go.
If they want to sell and manage orders that come in daily, magento would be the way to go.

For the ERP system (depending on which one you are using) you might have to do some programming anyway.

If you are looking for something easy, steer away from Magento. When running into problems on a Magento site, your customer is going to be highly dependent on a developer meaning more costs. Look into an alternative. Wordpress can be an option.

There are several pretty road tested WordPress ecommerce plugins such as Woo Commerce, WP Ecom, Cart66… there are many more, Im listing the ones I am familiar with. Magento frustrated me the last time I tried to use it. It was very robust but I had very specific requirements for product creation… it just wasnt the right solution. as mentioned, magento has its strong points such as order management. each one of the cart address this in their own way, so its best to check demos and do test installs before really recommending any specific solution.