Best Break-fast

Hello Friends,

What would you like to have in break-fast on fresh morning ?

I would like to have bread-butter with a cup of orange juice.

Hi ,I like fruits and milk in morning break-fast

A cup of milk (cold) and then I dip the chocolate cookies in it… :slight_smile:

i just love coffee and bread, no more no less. :slight_smile:

I love waking up on a beautiful, sunny, and clear sky morning being wide awake with plenty of sleep for the night and enjoying 2 slices of toast with butter on and an ice cold glass of Pure Orange Juice (Tropicana preferably!). Lovely start to the day!

Then again, when my Mum offers (I don’t do my own fry-ups because I’m scared of it spitting at me. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve ever tried to do a fry-up!) to I love a good fry-up! Sausages, eggs, mushrooms, bacon, and toast (sliced into soldiers haha!) with an ice cold glass of Pure Orange Juice is a brilliant way to start the day!

You know, when I was in primary school and through early secondary school (so from the age of around 5 - 11) the only sandwhiches I would ever eat would be Lemon Curd! After that I went off it from having it too many times a day haha.

Right now though, or for the past two weeks I’ve been having cereals for breakfast so that’s either been Coco Pops or Weetos. Weetos were always my favourite cereals when I was a child but throughout secondary school and college I never regularly ate breakfast (tut tut me!).

Andrew Cooper

man, there’s too many choose from. breakfast is one of my favorite meals. omelets, steel-cut oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, bacon, etc. any of it is good.

I’m trying to have my breakfast everyday… I used to have nothing but I’m trying hard to do 5 meals a day… right now it is just cereals.

When I was in UK, I went once to Debenham’s to have one of those breakfasts Raffles is talking about. It is just too much food for me.


Anyway, I enjoy Chinese noudle soup (yes, for breakfast!) or fresh-from-the-oven bread rolls with butter and lemon curd. The latter is my favourite.

I like bread-butter with jam and a cup with coffee-milk :slight_smile:

Eggs over easy, grits, salt ham, biscuits & gravy. The official Southern breakfast.

I Like bread, butter and half fry so much.

Dang. I feel so boring after reading all the people who cook for breakfast.

It’s dangerous to have me near a stove in the morning… I work morning shifts, but am biologically an evening shifter : (

I generally only eat breakfast if I run in the morning, and on weekends… just meusli (the krokant kind not the loose oatmeal and fruits kind) with yoghurt.

But, when I was in the States, the best breakfast ever was at 11pm at Denny’s, and it was the hash browns, pancakes, sausage rolls, lots and lots of black coffee. Hmm.
I should save up and go to the States just to eat at Denny’s again. Breakfast should always be offered 24 hours.

Bacon and eggs an american staple, add pancakes and you have the perfect meal. Can’t eat it everyday.

I love omelet, corned beef and fried rice every morning. Wow, it is the best.

I just came back from holiday in Vietnam where I had rice noodle soup for breakfast every day. It was FANTASTIC. I’ve tried to replicate it here but I can’t…

Lol nothing like a good quality greasy spoon cafe, huge mug of tea and full English cooked property in lard.

for me,I think the best breakfast is rice porridge,if I moved to western country,I think the worst thing is leting me eat west-style food,it has too much calorie

1 egg sunny side up, beef tapa and rice with tomato and what else? don’t forget a coffee that will boost your energy while working :slight_smile:

:lol: COOL

For breakfast you cannot beat an eggplant: