Best 2014 Code IDE

Continuing the discussion from Best 2014 code editor: Dreamweaver vs Coda 2 vs Sublime Text 2 vs Textastic vs other:

2014 is ending and new IDE versions are now, which one is your preference
I am between phpstorm and Coda 2.5
What about that?

Anything by Jetbrains blows the advanced text editors out of the water if you need a full IDE. Outside of Visual Studio, which is used solely for a .NET stack, it doesn’t have any peers.

And if you need to browse files over SFTP, then you probably need a full IDE.

PHPStorm blows everything out of the water for LAMP stacks. Well worth the money.

I have recently switched from Dreamweaver to Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate since it has a powerful sense of code completion, organizing and formatting code. Although the visual studio is from Microsoft and I don’t work on c-sharp and asp dot net I just use it for typical web development. One more important thing is that it has an extension called Web Essentials and it makes your life easier and better for HTML and CSS coding and also it supports LESS preprocessor and auto compiles and minifies the CSS and JS files.

Not really full IDE’s but ST2 and Brackets are awesome. Brackets I’m becoming a real big fan of.

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