Looking for a new IDE/Text editor

Hey everyone,
I have been using Aptana since it’s 2.x beta version, recently I am looking to switch to something else.

Aptana has a good interface but tends to become slow and although I believe I am no longer in the novice developmer category, I don’t use most of the IDE advanced features such as debugging.

I run Ubuntu, most of my work is php and some front end, but PHP is 80% of my time.

The features I liked Aptana for:
Default font size
Integtated SFTP support
Remote files editing
PHP code suggestions (I believe it’s called completion)

What I would like:
Code suggestions for included classes in other files.

I would like something that is mostly configured out of the box and does not require extensive customizing, preferably open source.

Please advise.

The IDE I use when I need one is PHPStorm
And the text editor I use every day is Sublime Text 3

Both are paid applications. ST3 has an unlimited time free trial though, with a popup occasionally asking if you are done trying it. I bought it because it was worth the money to me, but some people never do :wink:

Love them both, can’t speak highly enough. Both are highly customizable but come pretty much ready to be used.

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If you would like to take your knowledge to the next level start using smart debugging and PHPStorm. I don’t even understand how people get by without using tools like xdebug… It’s like using a horse and carriage instead of an automobile.

I use Geany (available in Ubu repos). It’s highly configurable and does everything I need while working with php.

I’ve started using PhpStorm but I still find myself going back to NetBeans from time to time. For a free IDE it really is the dogs bollocks.

+1 vote for Sublime Text. Althought it require license but you still can use trial. A lot of features like quick search, high light

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