Linux equivilant of Mac's Coda?

At my new job we all use iMacs, and for our IDE we use Coda, which I have fallen in love with. It’s a text editor with all the standard stuff (syntax highlighting, auto-indent, auto-complete, etc), which also handles FTP better than any other application I’ve seen. You create a local version and your remote version, and when you’re done editing you just click “Publish” and it automatically syncs everything. Anyways, most of you probably already know what it is.

So, I’ve searched around for something like that for Linux (I’m on Ubuntu), but I can’t find anything. Any ideas? What about Windows?


You’re out of luck, I’m afraid. There are many fantastic applications for both platforms, but there isn’t an equivalent to Coda.

No all-in-one IDE? :frowning:

Well, of course there are powerful IDEs for Windows and for Linux, but I was under the assumption that you were looking for something like Coda. For that there is no equivalent.

For Windows, there are the usual suspects, such as Dreamweaver, Aptana, and so on.
Some people have said this one would come close, but I haven’t tried it as I don’t work with Windows.

Any suggestions for Linux? I haven’t seen any good ones in the repos.

I’m not a Linux user. I’ve read that Komodo Edit is good though.

I wish they did a version of Coda for Windows, it’s the one app which has seriously tempted me to move to Mac, I have played with it on a macbook and it is probably the best web editor I have come across. Curse those Mac people for writing something so simple yet so functionable :stuck_out_tongue:

Eclipse with PDT is great for PHP development work (both Win/Nix). Bluefish is a decent editor, can’t remember if it does FTP. Not many IDE’s have that sync feature like Coda/Dreamweaver do. Zend Studio should be pretty decent, it’s an Eclipse plugin as well, few more features that PDT doesn’t have. Aptana should work on Linux as well using the Eclipse plugin.

Another to give a go is Kompozer. I haven’t used it, but people like it.

I have used Eclipse in the past, I did not realize it also handled FTP - is that new?

actually Eclipse/PDT doesn’t do FTP. There are Eclipse modules that do though, haven’t tried them. I believe Aptana has FTP, not entirely sure though.

Try Kate!