Beginners guide to creating Traffic for a website

How can i create traffic for my site? Please have a look at my site and give me ideas?? <snip> :rofl:

“Traffic” is not the same as interested customers. Putting up a website is just the beginning of online commerce, rather than the end. The real work comes afterwards … when you have to start to market your site. There’s an enormous amount you can read about this online, and there are books etc.—all of which you should explore if you are really serious about this. Reading a few forum posts won’t be enough. It’s a tough journey, so good luck!

You can get traffic from many channel, that is: social media ( facebook, twitter, pintersest, Google+, tumblr,…), directly access, exchange link.

Advertise it and constantly update it, keeping it active so people stay interested.

All of the above are true. Obviously, if you want traffic really quick, you’ll need to pay for advertisement (online and/or offiline)

If you want to start local, it is good to ad in the local newspaper. Normally it is cheap.

Now, if you want organic traffic, that’s a question of time, adding information and give quality in both informatiion and service

Posting links of your website on the relevant sites having good rank is very helpful to get traffic. Also submit in directories, Write articles and blogs to divert traffic to your site.

You can try social media it can get a lot of traffic for short period of time. But this is traffic :slight_smile: not interested customers. People have to find smth in your website which will get them back and back :slight_smile:

Advertise (pick any kind of media that would work for your company / website) and use social media. That should generate a fine amount of traffic to start with.

To generate traffic to your website you should do directory submission, social bookmarking, Forum Posting showing your signature. preferably on niche specific forums, blog commenting, posting articles, and creating a facebook fan page - SMO.

Create some absolutely fantastic content on your site that folks will want to share. Then go and chat to people on Q and A sites and forums and tell them about your content when it’s relevant, or put it in your sig if you can.

Malc :slight_smile:

Whatever you do, do not spam or try to get easy/low level links. A new site may not recover from that damage. Social media is great and getting links from high quality sites. Check out SEOMOZ. They’re blog is brilliant and full of information about building traffic. It’s like a bible for SEO.