How to generate traffic to new website

i have created website. but problem is that i want to generate traffic to website. how can i generate traffic to website. any suggestion?

Welcome to the forums, @jadvanichetan.

Before anybody can offer meaningful suggestions, we need more information.

  • What niche is your site in? We don’t want a link, but tell us what the site is about.
  • Who is your target audience? Age, gender, geographical location, etc.
  • What have you tried so far, and how successful was it?

my website is about news. i m writing blog post every day but not getting any results.

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I have removed the link which I asked you not to post, and am still waiting for answers to the other questions before I relist your thread.

“News” is a very broad area, with many well-established sites, so unless there is something special or different about yours, I think you may be fighting a losing battle.

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the answer for you second question is my target geograohical locations are usa, canada,australia.
i have just tried social sharing. consistency in content writing.

As I say, I think you’re going to find it very difficult to compete with well-established sites, especially if you’re only writing one post a day. News is a vast area, and most news sites have a large staff of writers or freelancers. Creating original content which will appeal to users in those areas is no easy task, especially as English does not seem to be your native language. (That is not intended as a criticism, merely an observation.)

Without unique content, there is nothing to attract readers to your site.

If you’re looking to increase website traffic in organic way, then follow all these points:

  • Keyword Research
  • Create Unique Content
  • Guest Posts
  • Active On Social Media Pages
  • Directories
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Blog Commenting
  • Forum Discussion

To all posters:

The OP has stated they have a news website. Please ensure all replies are specific to that niche. General advice and lists will be removed.

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Search Engine Optimization is the best way to enhance your website’s organic traffic but it take time work it’s magic and it’ll also need your full dedication & on the other hand there are PPC and social media ads that’ll boost up your website’s traffic instantly but that’ll be needing funds and whole lot of work but it’ll be way less than SEO. But if you want a stable and continuous traffic on your website than I would say you should opt for SEO.

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While consistency and regularity are great, I’m afraid that your problem is that…you’re generic.
Even when you ask a question to a forum.

If you write about all kind of news, you have to compete against the big media, newspapers and magazines that provide quality information everyday with at least 50 articles per day if not more. One article a day is going to do nothing against that huge amount of information the tradicional media posts.

Now, if you dedicate your time about a particular type of news, about a specific subject, you may have a chance.

You can search google about the topic you’re thinking to write and see how it compares against your competition. I mean in terms of numbers. You want to know the number of searches to know if the topic is popular enough to write an article. And if the number of competitors is relatively low, so you easily reach the top of the search results and hence you’ll get so much desired traffic.


You need to focus on the marketing of your website brand, mentioning your website multiple times, but not just by its name, but also how it will help and meet the needs of visitors. Make your website useful.
You can also add some links to the website, so that people in need can directly visit it for their convenience.
While I suggest you to keep an eye on Blexb, a traffic analysis service, and record changes in traffic to make sure your actions are paying off, resulting in increased traffic, that is, it’s working. This will help you adjust your next strategy.

As the OP has apparently lost interest, and the thread only seems to be generating generic advice, it looks like time to close it.

Thanks to all who contributed.

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