How Do You Get Your Internet Marketing Website Traffic?

How Do You Get Your Internet Marketing Website Traffic?

What is your best method to use to get traffic to promote your website.

i never used internet marketing to get website traffic …
I will prefer to used social bookmarking / social network likes facebook, twitter, digg, and many more …Article submission is right choice for getting backlink to websites …
And i think my ways is more effective to get traffic website …


[FONT=“Verdana”][SIZE=“2”]It’s depend on what you need. To promote or to get a traffic.

PPC Search Engines
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Well, backlinks are very important for traffic, therefore we are focused on getting backlinks from other sites (like social networks, for example)

SEO to get organic traffic is the best. Do your keyword research for some good long tail keywords and you are half way there.

Article marketing, forum posting, video marketing and JV. there is much bigger but start first with articles as it’s allways work.

Generally, i will create more and more relevant back links to my sites using social book marking, directory and forums. Each back link is a source of traffic to me.

This is good idea, I will add my 2 cent advice to take each backlink and ping them to rss.

Soli Katir

well one of the ways to generate traffic to your website is to participate in free giveaways you can type it into Google and you well find out how to participate

This is a great idea Oddain!

has anyone tried Facebook? how do you do it and why do you say that it works? :smiley:

Keywords research is a very good strategy, but there are many more tasks to complete to get ranked high

Look into doing joint ventures with people in similar niches. Offer up free products in exchange for email optins.

build links, build links, plus fresh unique contents… long tail keywords are also suggested :slight_smile:

what about Google adsense, its mainly used for internet marketing.

getting backlink from website that have high pr

I use twitter,digg and post on many of the big forums,building backlinks is an ongoing job and never finished that is if you want to stay at the top for your chose keywords.Or if you have a deep pocket use the easy option adwords.

I will prefer to Join appropriate forums and groups,
Start a blog dedicated to your online biz,
Use social networking as a tool.
you can do article marketing, come up with the proper website design, engage in email marketing and link building, and many more.

I get most backlinks from yahoo answers, and forums comments :smiley:


I agree to most of you guys. The best way is to build links. Organic SEO is way better as well.