Beginner looking for coding friends

Hey so I’ve started learning HTML and CSS and a bit of JS over the last couple of weeks. I find I often get stuck and have noone to bounce ideas off of. I was hoping to find a group of coders around the same level and we can grow together.
Hit me up in the comments. Coding is something i’ve become passionate for in a short time and I want to grow and learn from others.


Hi nerdcoregamer0 welcome to the forum

I think you will find that the forum membership here will have some members that know a bit more or a bit less about different areas of web development and more or less than you know. You can always ask for help when you get stuck on something and please feel free to offer suggestions to any you think you might be able to help.


hey there. I also just started to learn html, css, and Js about a week ago. So much to learn, but I think learning in groups were we can all learn together and have some fun is a good idea. I’m in.

@nerdcoregamer0 — It’s worth joining something like freeCodeCamp, which has free CSS, HTML and JS courses, along with online and local communities dedicated to this one task of learning. There are local meetups in most cities that are free to join, where you can discuss issues and work on the course with others.

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