Hey all,

I was looking around job forums at different careers to see what i would like to get into and have a career change.

I used to play around with html and css back in the day and completed a year of a software engineering course online before i quit it and really enjoyed the web design side of it again

I saw a few jobs for UI/Front end web designers and the $$$ was attractive to me and i thought i might try learning it all again

I was thinking of signing up to Sitepoint here and learning html5 css3 and javascript.
I’ve never done much javascript at all so would love to learn that well

Is sitepoint going to be the best place for me to go and learn? or are there other sites that would be better for a beginner/relearning?

i ask here because i used to use it when it was called developer or something, cant quite remember name but had a javascript and php course. I ask because money is not flowing into my pockets right now so i cant afford to sub everywhere

i know there’s others like lynda but its been a while since i have looked into any of this and would like something that has Good training/learning experience and up to date practices.

Thanks for any help guys

*** On an off note, what Text editors would people recommend? i used to like sublime back when it was free. not sure if notepad++ is the norm now or if there’s better.


I’m sure you have searched and found sites that compares the most popular editors.

But in serching for your best editor I would also like point to the Mozilla Developer site, I think their list of editors is more complete:

I recommend you to visit all free editors’ links and compare them regarding fetures you need and your answers of the helpful questions.

How do you learn best? By videos? Books? Classroom with instructor? Only you can answer this question. If you want to be good enough to be a webmaster, you’ll have to hunker down and learn thoroughly. There is no easy way to learn this. Get a job that generates income and use it to pay for your studies.

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