Backlink Checker Isnt Reading my Backlinks

I know i have some back links to my site at ukratom (dot) com I was using back link watch and its not reading any. I don’t have many back links but why cant it read any? I think the same thing happened on other back link checkers. If i remember right i used Google antylitics or webmaster tools or something and it still would not show my backlinks

Have you checked that the pagee is still linking to you? If so, check the source code and make sure that it hasn’t got “nofollow” either on the link to your site or as a global setting in the <head>. Does that page that links to yours appear in Google?

No back link checker is entirely accurate and up to date. If it was, it would have to constantly crawl every site on the web, which not even Google does. That said, if you’re sure you have back links, it ought to show at least some of them.

Personally, I’ve found Google Webmaster Tools the most reliable, but even that’s never completely up to date.


For checking the links to your own site, I would not use anything other than GWT. Even if a third party tool finds links, if Google doesn’t them and count them as well they aren’t going to do you any good.


I suggest you to use to check your site backlinks or your competitors backlinks


For me, you can try MajesticSEO. It is fairly accurate and updated. It is free for your own site.

If the backlinks are new, these tools take sometime to show. IT will show only when those links are crawled by the tool which you are using. SOmetimes it even takes few months.

As suggested above MajesticSEO is the quickest to show backlinks, you might give it a try but it is not free.

Why don’t you try one of the best and highly effective Backlink checker i.e. Open Site Explorer!?

Yep i think it’s good advice to stick with Google webmaster tools, other software checkers can be unreliable. Nothing will ever be 100% accurate but I do agree that it’s odd that you don’t have at least some backlinks showing!

Online back link checkers are not always gives the accurate results. May be it possible that your back links are not following the search engine guidelines.

Check your all back link pages once again. Sometimes, some webmaster put your links under iframe codes or javascript codes…In this case, you will not get any back links from these kind of pages…

I would like to know which checker you have used, just check it by another check tool and you will get the indexed. Sometimes some checker not show the linking.