An accurate way to my backlinks

i am just confuse i have been building quietly and respectfully backlinks on my 2 month old site ,
but when i check all those backlinks stuff and checker it says zero.
while Bing webmaster tools says i have 5 backlinks and google webmaster tools says i have 200 . Only alexa rank displays officially but just 2 backlinks
so what is this disorder…?
ok seo majestic says i have 300 backlinks , google linkchecker ! shows nothing
Now i want to know where to check and have accurate informations about those backlink details or which tools should then believe.
thank you

Why don’t you actually visit a sample of the sites where the claimed backlinks are supposed to be, and see for yourself?


Google will take long time to index the Bls. So better is check with third party Soft Ware like backlinkwatch, will list all recent BLs…

well thank you dear , but i am surprised again now google says i have 280 links that point to my site and seo masjesty says 212 backlinks
now who should i believe the whole has been reverse google shows more than seo majestic , please do you any other good backlink checker for free?

You’re fixating on the number rather than the result the links bring you in traffic or some potential search value. Rather than spending time to know every link you should really be working to develop more relevant partnerships to get your site out there. Some times search engines will acknowledge a link, sometimes they’ll give it weight and here’s the real kicker: sometimes the link actually brings you relevant visitors its self!!! :smiley:

p.s. if there’s a particular site you feel you should have a link from then, as mike said, go visit it to look

Worrying about the number of backlinks you create makes me remember about the people who worry about the PageRank of the sites where they leave their backlinks. Just like what Ted here said, you should think more about the actual relationships that you build when you’re making those backlinks on blogs, forums, or whatever place on the Internet it may be. Next thing that you have to take note of is if what you’re doing is actually showing some results. If it’s not, then you have to think of a better way of making those backlinks.

Google has the largest database, and if it is Google that you are looking to rank with, then the only result that really matters is the one you get from Google Webmaster Tools.
What any third party tool may or may not show you has no relevance to Google.

And even then, don’t take it too literally, because I’ve found the results there can vary enormously. :slight_smile:

They’re all tools, and tools that have mixed interpretations.

As rightly said, the number is irrelevant. Besides, you’ve only been at it for two months. Natural link-building is a long-term project.

While I really enjoy OpenSiteExplorer and MajesticSEO a lot - I’ve always found that Google webmaster tools has the most comprehensive and realistic list for tracking your inbound links.

that’s normal to get zero links for your website, its a new website it takes time to get indexed for your links and so on. you shouldn’t worry about this.