Independent back link checker

Where do I find a reliable online, real time, independent back link checker ( preferably free of course ) ?
For a number of reasons, I need a stand alone unit to compare results outsided Google. I know Google analytics are great, and have a seo analytics package, but I need something else that I can access from any computer at any time and at any place to look at my own numbers as well as other sites.

You can use, This are standard backlink checkers. I found them to fairly accurate in most cases they provide whole list of major backlinks…and PR…completely free…

I have been looking for a back-link checker which is updated on daily basis, previously i was using backlinkwatch but not its not giving perfect results. Even yahoo site explorer has been closed. So we have only one place where we can know perfect back-link its our Google webmaster tool.

I use SEO spyglass for checking backlinks

jessiecascott82 spyglass is from link assistant right, so are you getting perfect results. I have used it before but it was trial version, but as per you if it will be good then i will get it today. Seriously I am in need of good back-link checker.

I hadn’t heard of this so I thought I would give it a try. I have thousands of backlinks but it recorded only 6.


Been trying to find one since site explorer went down.

Let hope you don’t have to pay once I sign up…


Since Yahoo site explorer and Google api stop the services, I hardly found a good alternative to spy competitor backlink. Tool like opensite explorer and majestic are pay tool.

Backlinkwatch have too many annoying ads. seem to be a great tool, will give a try.

Its getting hard to find backlinks with Yahoo Site Explorer got the plugged pulled. I’ve been using, but you have to pay to get some useful information. Another one is, again you have to pay to get some good info.

Sorry to disappoint you but registering only lets you see limited information, you will have to pay to see it all.

Many sites give this facility and it’s also free provide.for , and more…

Seem like both site is down, backlinkwatch is detected distribute malware.

I can get to both of them with no problem, but both are limited to 1000 links.

When I use chrome and insert link to check backlink at backlinkwatch, it show malware error, Firefox is fine.

As for Domain-pop, I manage to go in, but it take longer time to load.

I am using Chrome also but have no problems of malware reporting, maybe it is a regional issue. Is anyone else having a similar problem in other locations?

I have an update to this. I just went to backlinkwatch and got to the page with no problem, but when I entered a site to scan, I got the following message from Chrome: contains content from ‘’, a site known to distribute malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site.”

So you are absolutely right, there does seem to be a problem.

I guess it depends on what you actually want. If it is just the numbers of backlinks as you suggest, then open site explorere for example will tell you that.
But if you want to know the details of them then you will need a paid version of something to be able to view more than 1000 links.
However, you cannot then compare these to GWT results for your own site as they all give different results.

This should save folks some trouble…

Top 10 Site Explorer Alternatives

I have heard complaints from other people about backlinkwatch and possible malware but that was short lived.

SEO SpyGlass gets two thumbs up :).

Hi there, I just found this - unfortunately it is in German but I mailed to their support and they told me they are in the process of making it available in multiple language versions…