Back Links List on Google Webmaster tools

Hi there,

I try to submit a lot of free directories but I can’t find any back links list from those directories in my Google Webmaster tools. I found only the back links from quality websites eg. WordPress blog and other micro-blogging.

Does anyone know about this? And what should I do for the next phase of link building?

Thank you.

GWT will show all the links that Google is aware of including ‘nofollowed’ links but it doesn’t distinguish between links that give you an SEO benefit and those that don’t. It definitely doesn’t only show quality links, that would give too much information away about what google considers quality links.

I was surprised by your statement that they are showing all of the links. I looked at my stats but was not able to come up with any real conclusions. I have always treated it as a mystery sample, just like any other Google hands out.

Can anyone else confirm the statement?