Google Webmaster Links

This morning I have checked my Google webmaster and links to your site section shows not even 5% of total links which were showing yesterday

It does not show anything for homepage backlinks

ANy one else facing same problem?

Try checking it in some other backlink checker tools, to get the real data.

I haven’t faced this kind of problem ever. So can’t say you but we can say that it can be Google webmaster Tool bug so wait for some day it will be alright in few days. You can see your backlinks back in some days.

Dude i have also go through the same problem but i have no idea that how is this problem solved but any way this post is much informative and hope helpful for me also…

Going to check my website links status in webmaster now…

Google webmaster Tools is moving so slow.
I have a site with dozens of links and Webmaster Tools shows me only about 3-5.

I am really disappointed by the way they move.

I have checked on Google and came to know that there is some bug in Google webmaster

Atleast little comfortable now that other people are facing too same problem

I hope it is bug and not some type of penalty