The Third & The Seventh

Amazing 100% CG video!

I think that’s a work of magnificence. I was awed by the entire experience!

Breathtaking video, I wonder how much of it was real and how much of it was rendered, I’m not that much of an artist and I certainly don’t really get modern art, but that video and all the interesting shots and angles which exist within it are absolutely stunning, it could quite easily be something fresh out of Hollywood as it’s got that “finish” to it which really feels so glossy and surreal, great find :slight_smile:

0% real, 100% rendered

pretty impressive from the point of view of how much work must’ve gone into it

but having viewed the finished product, all i could think of afterwards was[indent] “YAWN…
there’s another 12 minutes of my life i’ll never get back…”[/indent]

it actually reminded me of that old joke… “i once read the entire phone book – tremendous cast of characters, but the plot is lousy”

in this case, i would call it “artsy-fartsy pretty” but what’s the point of it? there’s no story

After I finished watching it I thought to myself “this would make the most amazing screen-saver”. It didn’t really need a story, it seemed to me like a strange proof of concept. The fact all of it was rendered is pretty staggering, the sign of a great use of computer graphics is when you can’t tell what’s real from what’s not. :slight_smile:

I enjoyed it as an exercise by itself, and given that it was entirely the work of one guy (even down to the music, I believe) it may not have much to prove except the talent which produced it.

My guess is it would make a fantastic piece of advertising for something like BMW :wink: All you need is the badge at the end and voilà!
:smiley: Y’know it’s true