Have you watched the movie avengers? It seems that many people have a crush on it. And the movie has made a lot of money from it. It has broken record on box office. And friends around me all speak highly of it. I haven’t watched the film yet, but at first, I think no more of it but one togethers all the famous heroes. What do you think of it?

I thought it was a decent movie and much more humorous than I had imagined it to be. Is it worth the money? I say, yes. I was perfectly okay with buying a ticket to see it.

I loved it. Watched it about 9 times in theatres. It definitely was worth seeing.
As a huge fan of the comic books and the whole Marvel franchise I thought it was marvelous.
The humor was perfect, the action was great, and the actors had portrayed their heroes greatly.
I would see it if I were you. Amazing experience.

-Gonna pre-order the public release-

The movie was great! I’ve watched it 5 times already and still couldn’t get enough of it.

Not yet but i will be taking my children too see it soon,my son is mad on superhero’s

I’ve watched it 3 times.
Worth it for children. Hulk the funniest of them all

I haven’t yet. But I will. The movie has done extremely well critically and commercially.
The cast is really amazing with some of the biggest stars in the industry, I am waiting for DVD print, the moment it will be out, i will be watching this film.

I think this is decent movie. Me and my young brother watch this movie many time .All the charter of this movie is amazing.


fantastic movie i like it very much…

Watched it in the theater for like 6x. Not as incredible in 3d as I expect it to be, but the liness are awesome.

Awesome movie. loved it.
Captain America is my favorite amongst all the superhero.
who is your favorite?

i’ve watched it and it was a great movie, my favorite is iron man and captain america.

yes i watched the avengers movie i like hulk part in this movie

Couldn’t get into it…loved Iron Man though…Anyone else think Captain America was more like the tea boy in that film as his “super powers” were er…t*ss.
Not sure the guy from War Horse was a good enough baddie…

I thought it was an decent movie but I dont think its worth all the hype its been getting.

But i miss Spiderman and Batman in that movie ! Just imagine including both of them in the movie !

yeah i have watched in 3d very nice movie

Really its my favorite movie of all time. Avengers is the movie which i have waited since its first trailer has launched. I loved this movie and really appreciate the efforts from all the staff and cast in the movie. The perfect combination and the combo of the super hero’s. you will fall for the second part too. :smiley:

Sorry, I have not seen the film. My son, 28, says it is excellent–with enough action to leave you breathless. I prefer sharing romantic comedies with my girlfriend when we’re not busy with grandchildren! Life is good!

this is amazing movie