August Photo Challenge: "Doors & Gates"

So here’s an interesting one, which came from a suggestion in our Photo Challenge Ideas thread.

It’s something that I think all of us may have used from time to time; Might even have a few in the building where we live or work. I’m assuming.

This month’s challenge, “Doors & Gates”! Photograph an interesting door or gate, or photograph a door or gate in an interesting way; It’s all up to you.

As usual, we’ll vote in an open poll on a winner when the month is done.

Our winner has a choice of any of the prizes below. Runner up receives their choice of our selection of ebooks.

[list=1][*]A one month subscription to Learnable.

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The Rules:

No goofy Photoshop effects or overdone photo-manipulation. Entrants are allowed to correct colour, contrast, and make minor tweaks such as removing litter or distracting objects from a photo, but no surreal colours or crazy filters.

Help with Uploading:
How to upload images and other resources with your post by ralph.m .

So. Get out there. And get to clicking!

I will start us off this month with a photo taken on my trip to France last week:


I can participate this month! I JUST (as in last Monday) took this shot of the hangar doors that the space shuttles used to be prepped in at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. I took this shot to get a sense of perspective. The doors are on the left side of the building - the flag you see on the front side of the building is over 30 stories tall, and the trees are over 20 ft tall. It was a MASSIVE structure.

Thanks @Shaun_OfTheDead ; there seems to be lots of interesting subjects like this in French towns and villages. I wish I had had more time to find others but the family only let me have an hour to myself at a location.

They look big @DaveMaxwell ; but I did not realise how big until I read your figures.

Wow! I like that you included the trees for a sense of scale. Nice!

What would really have sold it was a human somewhere in the frame.

If there would have been anyone out(it was 95+F out), I would have. I do have a picture the tour guide suggested of a set of 10ft tall doors - against the size of the building, they look like a mouse hole.

hmm, Not as many entries as I thought we would have gotten.

It is a nice door. It is the type of an old door.

Thanks, Imran. It is.