Sitepoint Shutterbug 2014 - Results!

[FONT=Georgia]Hello everyone!

The results are in!

We’ve had a tonne of great entries and it took some doing to choose out the best of the best, and we were still left with a tie for third place!

So that said, here we go:

First Place!
Our winning entry, and winner of a full month’s subscription to Learnable and electronic copies of three Sitepoint books is:

‘The Roof of the British Museum’ by @steve_jones20 ;

Second Place
Second place, and winner of electronic copies of two Sitepoint books is:

‘Taj Mahal, Agra, India’ by @maya90 ;

Third Place
We have a tie for third place. Both winners will receive an electronic copy one Sitepoint book. The winners are:

‘Light in the Circle’ by @vectorialpx ;

  • and -

‘Spider’ by @lorenw ;

Congratulations everyone! woo hoo!

Here is some of the miscellaneous and anonymous feedback by our judges. The judges found @steve_jones20 ; 's LED light idea a very creative approach and a very ‘to-the-point’ interpretation of the topic. They also liked @lorenw ; 's flower and grasshopper, as they both showed ‘Geometry’ in Nature, rather than in architecture (which was the most popular, albeit winning, approach). They also liked @vectorialpx ; 's spinning photograph, and thought perhaps another angle might have emphasised the idea of ‘Geometry’ even better (maybe from directly overhead). They judges found all of the entries to be quite clever and creative and wished everyone could have gotten prizes for their effort. @Francky ; 's hay bales and architecture photographs were well loved!

Great job to everyone who took part![/FONT]


[FONT=Georgia]The competition thread was over here!

Winners, please PM myself, @molona ; @John_Betong ; @guido2004 ; @TechnoBear ; or @ParkinT ; with your choice of Sitepoint electronic books and we’ll liaise with the administrators to arrange them for you.[/FONT]

Thanks to all for participating, there were lots of interesting and beautiful pictures!
And congratulations to the winners!

I can’t wait for the next competition :wink:

Congratulations to all the winners. :slight_smile: What a talented bunch of people.

There were some amazing pictures submitted. Like Guido, I’m already looking forward to our next competition.


thank you for the 2nd prize!!! :~))))

and first prize is great entry… deserves first prize!! :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome, maya90. We loved that your photograph was a shape framed by another shape. Brilliant!

Congratulation to all the winners. It was a very hard decision because all the pictures were great and I liked them all.

I hope to see so much quality in future competitions because I really enjoyed these pics :smiley:

@steve_jones20 had the best photo.
From the moment I saw it I knew for sure he will get a prize :slight_smile:

I agree!!

I don’t disagree with the final results, but I wanted to say, @vectorialpx; that I really liked ‘Light in the Circle’. The subtle variations in tone as a result of refraction and your choice of perspective make it a pleasant composition.


Thanks for choosing my photo - I’m very surprised to win, the standard of all the photos was so high!

Thanks also to Sitepoint for providing such great prizes!


I can’t believe I tied this with a bug.
Bronze is way better than I expected with all the great entries that were entered.
I am humbled and really happy that nature could make the entry.
I have tried for three years to take a good photo of the crab spider, he is about half or quarter size of your little pinky fingernail.
Camera is a Nikon d500, lens was 55-200 at pretty much full zoom from a three foot distance. f stop was high, probably F 11 to 16

(The slightest wind blows the web and good luck with that shot, I waited for a long time and took many shots. Like I say it took years to get that shot.)
Thank you, this shot really took years to get.

I have a ton of Site Point books and need to find what I don’t have.
Thank you so much for this honor.

argh! I know what that’s like. A literal pain in the neck (and back and eyes).

[FONT=Georgia]Me too.

@steve_jones20 ; , @vectorialpx ; , @maya90 ; and @lorenw ; , I hope you guys come across with us. The next contest may likely be on Sitepoint’s new platform![/FONT]

Wow! Nice focus :slight_smile:


These are all excellent photos, but Steve’s picture of the British Museum roof is outstanding.


A difficult choice to pick the best from so many entries.

The British Museum roof definitely deserves first place and also followed closely by the excellent runners-up.

Congratulations also to Shaun for running the successful competition.

Thanks, but it was a group effort. Between yourself, molona, guido2004, TechnoBear and ParkinT’s support and input, we pulled it off. So next up! We do this over on Discourse!