March 2013 Photo-Challenge: "Blue"

New Photo-Challenge!

Here’s one for you. The topic is, Blue.

What creative or interesting ways can you photograph blue? Maybe it’s blue objects, maybe it’s feeling blue or seeing blue. All up to you.

To keep it interesting, try to stay away from the more generic things, like blue sky. We’d love to see what exciting and interesting things you guys and gals out there can come up with! Oh, also, please no photo-manipulations (eg. Turning a yellow banana blue…) but regular, old cropping and colour-corrections are fine.

Our winner has a choice of any of the prizes below. Runner up receives their choice of our selection of ebooks or the coveted SitePoint coffee mug (Sorry we’re out of mugs!:frowning: ).

1.One month subscription to a SitePoint Learnable course. Learnables are online courses that span the range of web development from getting started with PhotoShop or vector art to Designing or Programming your website. Browse the SitePoint ebook library here.

  1. Your choice of SitePoint’s Ebooks. Our latest is JumpStart Sinatra. If you’re coding in Ruby, Sinatra will make your codebase sing. Browse and view sample ebooks here.

So. Get to clicking!


We’re always looking for new ideas for photo challenges. If you have one you’d like to suggest, please post it here!-- Shyflower

That was fast!


Let’s hope others will follow. Can’t be that hard to take a picture of something blue?

Do you have any Smurfs Guido?

Not very imaginative from a Sitepoint advisor but none the less :smiley:

Here’s a better one, view from my lounge early in the morning

What passes as a ‘vinyl’ record deck nowadays

Incognito in concert

You are just jealous becaust there is no green in SP covers! Here’s some green for you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Absolutely fabulous! Now that’s blue!

Oh wow.


Only manipulation here was color correction used in desaturating the skin/white of the eye - the Iris is as it was shot. Hope that isn’t too over the top!

Sky isn’t blue…

To be sung along to the Platters Hit, “Smoke gets in your eyes”

They asked me how I knew
It was Esso Blue
I of course replied
With lower grades one buys
Smoke gets in your eyes.

…for the benefit of those who have never heard the song:)

A little over the top, yeah. Still that’s a gorgeous, blue eye!


Oh my.