September Photo Challenge: "Electronic Junk"

In today’s world, and especially with our professions as Sitepointers, we’re surrounded all the time by fancy gadgets and techy toys. Every now and again though, accidents happen, things fall, suddenly stop working, screens crack and other misery that causes bad days and missed deadlines.

This month’s challenge, “Electronic Junk”. Photograph electronics gone awry!

Post in this thread and we’ll have a poll at the end of the month to choose a winner!

Our winner has a choice of any of the prizes below. Runner up receives their choice of our selection of ebooks.

[list=1][*]A one month subscription to Learnable.

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The Rules:

No goofy Photoshop effects or overdone photo-manipulation. Entrants are allowed to correct colour, contrast, and make minor tweaks such as removing litter or distracting objects from a photo, but no surreal colours or crazy filters.

Help with Uploading:
How to upload images and other resources with your post by ralph.m .

So. Get out there. And get cracking!

Hey guys, Have there been no submissions this month? I have a set of a 15 views of 5 macro shots of a partially bad ips pixel arranged in a 3x5 collage that might be interesting to someone who has never seen one. It’s not creative, just interesting. :slight_smile: The .jpg is 864K, the size is 1110 x 1530. Interested?

OK, I’ll post it anyway and you guys can have at it :slight_smile:

My IPS monitor has a weak pixel. One day I aimed a macro lens at it and took a few shots. This image shows 3 magnifications of 5 shots. The only difference between the 5 shots is the color of the screen; therefore, they reveal how the 3 segments of a pixel behave. The left images are 1 to 1, the right column is a 100% crop, and the middle column is somewhere in between… progressive magnifications, if you will. The exposure was determined by the camera. The images are arranged so the pixel elements are vertically aligned. Took a while and a bunch of tries, but it was fun. As you can tell from the left images, the weak pixel is easily overlooked most of the time.

Nice :slight_smile:
Actually, in the left image I can’t see it at all (I thought I did in the top one, but it was just a bit of dust on my screen :smiley: )

Hmmm. I just opened the original in Windows Viewer and compared it to the size of the posted image. It appears that the upload was scaled down a bit. Original file size is 864KB, the upload is 217KB. I though perhaps the quality had been reduced. Didn’t realize the size had been reduced, too. Guess I can zip it and upload the zip if that would be useful/interesting to anyone. Like I said, it’s not a work of art, just something interesting. Wonder if the forum will let me upload an ~864K zip.

It appears to have accepted it.


One of the problems I have had this month. The ATI card overheats and keeps restarting the PC; if I am doing any heavy graphics work I have a 10" fan blowing on it which is annoying. I found the Gigabyte card at work and thought that will do until I decide what to do about a new graphics card but that will not run Photoshop which is currently the only image editing program I gave on my PC.



Haha! That will be cool! I will be glad too if someone posted at least one here :slight_smile: