At moment, how i can register adsense account?

hi all webmaster
i reg account with commerce website
information about my site
(pagerank 4, alexa rank about 300.000, language vietnamese)
but after 1 month, google always say review my accout
how i can register this account
any tips for it
please help me

I think it’s easier if you create a content on social sites like hubpage… create a very helpful guide/content then they have an option where you can create an adsense account. The Google adsense will review your account now based on your post on hubpage compared to your whole site.

it mean i can create google adsense throught hubpage account ?

Have you reached out to Google for help in reviewing your account? No matter how you get into their programs you’ll need their team’s approval to stay in the network…

ok i will try help from google

See if your website conforms to the google’s guidelines for adsense approval. I guess that is one of the reasons why your site is still under review.

because my website write vietnamese