Check Website for Adsense Approval

Hi Everyone, I would appreciate all suggestions at the point in time. I really need your help right now. I am running a career blog

For now, the only source of revenue I am thinking of employing is AdSense. I have heard so many of Adsense. The good ones and the really bad ones. How they find it very easy to disapprove blogs.
I would need your suggestions. Is my blog worth the shot for applying for Adsense or should I wait for some time? Are there errors that I must correct?
Please all suggestions are appreciated.

Welcome to the forums, @careerquakers.

Google provides detailed information and guidelines so you can check whether your site is ready before you apply.

Ok Thanks for the tip. i have checked it out

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I would not recommend using Ad sense. They pay you less and mostly show Ads that are irrelevant.

Platforms like Ezoic are more reliable. Give it a try.

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