How to approve AdSense

I want to create a adsense account. But I haven’t well website to approving adsense? Is there any other way to approving adsense account very easily?

I’m not sure I’ve understood your question. If you want to have your application for an AdSense account approved, then there is only one way to do that, and that’s to comply with the guidelines.

There are alternative advertising schemes you could try, if you’re unable to meet AdSense’s requirements, but I suspect the better ones will all have similar guidelines.

Getting approve in Adsense is not easy at all. You should definitely see the guidelines first before you try to apply for one because it will be disapproved if you wouldn’t. I’d suggest that you build your site for the community first rather than building it for adsense approval.

It is actually extremely easy. All you need is a legitimate web site and you will be approved.

Hmmmm. Do your site need to be an old one? How many posts should get you approved? Thanks!

According to the link which I posted above:

I’ve just started this adsense sites, but I haven’t been approve. Hmmm… Any good tips?

Did you look at the link I posted above? The article is entitled “Help to get your application approved”, which would seem to be what you’re looking for. However, there are links from there to other useful articles if you need them.

You need to fill your website with high quality contents. That is the minimum requirement in order to get approved. You can research on interesting topics that you think people would want to see. You can also keyword research and find keywords that you will target.

Hmmmm. At that time, I was only using free blogger blogs so that’s why it must be hard to get approved. Well, I do hope that I will be approve the next time.

“free” blogger blogs are paid for by the advertising already displayed on the page by Blogger’s owners - Google. They have no reason whatever for approving you to place more ads on the page and reduce the income they are receiving that pays for the “free” blog.

The Criteria of Google adsense is simply so transparent .1st you need a site or blog. Which have at least ( 30 to 40 ) pages. The content of each page should be (500) words .Site should be 3 months old keep update your content daily and than apply for adsense trust me it will approve in just 2 days.

Please could you provide a link to your source for this information? The only information I could find on Google simply says

If you’ve found a better reference, it would be helpful to have the link.

It is not easy to get Adsense account, especially in the Asian countries. To get approved adsense account you should build up first your website and get relevant traffic to the site before you apply for adsense account. If you still are not able to achieve, I suggest you to try on website. Fulfill their requirements and get adsense account.

Trust me I already make two personal blog also I apply this above technique . Just you need to make your content unique and read able among the human eye you must get victory. I know about blog wheeling thats why I have also so many small free blogs I rinse the content . Specially I give tips, tutorials and list of Article, directories and list of various thing which is reliable and useful too.

If this is a technique that you’ve used and found effective, then that’s good, and useful to know. But you started your reply with “The Criteria of Google adsense is simply so transparent”, which implies that what follows is Google’s criteria, not just your own opinion. I can’t find anything on Google to substantiate what you’ve said.

It depends on your location… If you are in UK or USA you will approve your adsense in days (17-23) and for Asian countries you have to wait for 6 months to approve your adsense account.

I’m really puzzled as to where people are obtaining the “information” they’re posting in this thread.

but Google says:

but Google says

In some locations, including China and India, we also require publishers to have owned their sites for 6 months. We’ve taken this step to ensure the quality of our advertising network and protect the interests of our advertisers and existing publishers.

So the site needs to be six months old before you can apply, but there’s nothing to say the approval process will take any longer after that.

Google use two steps confirmation process to comprehensive your Ad Sense application review. First step they verify your email address, site address, residential address. So keep it post correct information.

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