I’m looking for a good hosting that provide unlimited size for MS SQL database, what I mean ís that the size of the database goes with the size of the space itself.

A windows based hosting will be the best for you and if someone offering ‘unlim’ features. BTW database costs a lot to hosts so you willl not get a cheap offer.

Windows hosting/VPS is what you are looking for. It has the support for MS SQL while Linux only supports the MYSQL protocols.

I believe that is not correct at all to use such phrases like unlimited in link to the size database or size of disk space.
You can have no limits on number of databases, but not on size.
And if you know for sure what you are looking for - that always helps and drive best results to you

You can have no limits on number of databases, but not on size.

In a really strict interpretation, you can’t have no limit on either. The simple addition of inodes (each new database uses a couple of these) will eventually cause issues in most hosting environments.

Unlimited database is possible with few web hosting providers. However, you need to go for some high end hosting packages. You can have a good combination of disk space, bandwidth and unlimited sql databases at affordable cost. Look for the experienced windows hosting providers with high reliability and cheaper cost.