Looking for a free web hosting

Hello everyone,
I am looking for a free webhosting company for my site
i’ve searched around abit in google but was unlucky to find anything that suits what im looking for…
so…im looking for:

free hosting like i’ve said
ASP / MS database support
no ads
i’d preffer with unlimited bandwidth limit, but anything else could do too…just not too low because i don’t want the bandwidth limit to be exceeded after 2mins of surfing (atm i got a site on Brinkster but that’s their only problem, the way too low bandwidth limit.)

well thats about it, hope some1 could help me find something good :slight_smile:

If I were you, I would definitely go with paid web hosting. No ads, more features and 0% headache.:wink: Nowadays the payments are as low as $3 so its definitely worth your money.

There is NO SUCH THING as a free lunch - or a free hosting service!

felgall routinely answers this question with a lengthy description of the costs of “free hosting.” So many times, though, it’s part of the sticky posts which the OP didn’t bother to read. THREAD CLOSED.



You know a lot of people can’t afford even cheap web hosting services. Moreover a lot of people simple do not have opportunity to pay for the cheap web hosting services at all.

Just curious: why does it have to be free? It’s easy to find cheap hosting but it’s hard to find good free hosting.

hey there,
i’ve checked all 3 companies and they doesnt suit my needs, they either dont support asp or the DB i need

The DB im using is microsoft access db

about hosting it in my home pc, that sounds nice, but ill need a link for a step by step guide about it if possible, since i dont know how to get a dedicated IP (and dont u need to pay for a domain name while hosting from home pc?)

if some1 can throw some more ideas about free hosting companies too, remmember with asp and microsoft access db support and no ads…

Thanks for the help

zymic.com is also a good one. try.


There is not such thing as MS database! What is your database exactly? You could host ASP for free on your home Windows PC. Just you need dedicated IP address, domain name and good internet connection.


Well, i’m very new to hosting, and i want to get it up just to show other friends / see how it looks like on the web, also many web hosts (free ones) offer many things, but when i came to check them out, i saw that its completely differnet and that it wasn’t what i was looking for at all, so i dont want such a thing to happen if i’ll pay…

For now, im using Somee hosting company, they got forced ads but still seems to be working good, got just a problem with vieweing photos from my db but ill see if i can get it solved…

Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile:

I just figured if you can afford to pay the ISP you can afford to pay for cheap hosting.

Oh! i forget another company Heliohost.com is another site for free webhosting. But i personally recommend 00webhost to you, because of its 99% server up time.

There are many companies But 000webhost.com and byethost.com are the best, All the things database, ASP / MS database support, no ads as you want.

hey, thanks for the offers i’ve checked all 3.
couldn’t find anything related to asp or ms database in their features but if u said they have it then ill try them out (going to take 24h until my registration gets activated…)
so im up to hear a few more offers if any1 else got any good free hosting company :slight_smile: