ASP.NET hosting with DB2 or PostgreSQL database

I am looking for affordable ASP.NET 3.5/4.0 shared hosting that provides DB2 or PostgreSQL database.

I Googled but not able to find any affordable one. Most are managed hosting and very expensive.

Please help me out.

You should state requirements of web space, bandwidth, number of database and most significantly choice of control panel to narrow the suggestions.

wish you all the best.

Web Space: Initially: 600 MB

Bandwidth: No Idea

No. of Databases: up to 5

Control Panel: No Idea. Using CPanel. It has a poor performance.

If you are using cPanel control panel, then your present hosting is LINUX … it will be difficult to igrate your account to windows hosting.

A LINUX based VPS will be the best option for you. You may check or for a VPS.

Good luck.
Best regards.