Windows hosting , mutiple sites, unlimited DB's?

Hi folks,

I’m looking for some space to host mutiple sites, php, asp, unlimited or lots of Db’s.

UK based if possible.

Can anyone help?



What about your budget? Webspace and bandwidth required?
Unfortunately, you will get limited Db on windows platform.

Good luck.

Thanks for your reply.

Would hosts be able to give me more DB’s if I run out, for a price?

I’m just seeing whats out there at the moment, open to offers.

I’ve checked out 1and1,, are there any other UK based companies worth looking at?

Thanks again

You are welcome.

Yes, you can get more DBs at extra cost.

I am talking about US based services.
UK based are very expensive and honestly not reliable.
We lost our entire VPS account with a UK-based company.

Good luck.

I would not recommend you dealing with web hosts which claim they provide unlimited resources. I suppose in your situation good VPS will be the best for you and will work.

It’s ridiculous to claim that every host in an entire country is unreliable :rolleyes:

My duty is to provide correct info as per my knowledge. It may be your job to misguide the people.:lol:

You cannot possibly know every host in the UK, which you contend are all unreliable.
Please enlighten me why you think it is my job to ‘misguide the people’?

Am I seeing something wrong here? You are looking for Windows hosting (or VPS) with PHP? If you want the PHP, you will probably want a Linux solution instead.

I imagine that his requirement for ASP actually meant ASP.NET, in which case Windows hosting is indeed what he needs.