Host based on size/traffic


I’ve just finished an online text book/homework system website. I plan on launching in a month or two and am beginning to get nervous about whether I have the right host. I was hoping that I could have some help pointing me in the right direction. I’m not sure which of the following information is helpful, so I’d be be happy to provide more if needed:

  1. In my wildest dreams, I’ll have 10,000 users per day (this would be the number of people who can sign in and access the system — there’s an easy way for me to cut off new users if I need to do so).
  2. Each user will be submitting homework solutions that are kept in my database forever (or until I die!). This translates to roughly 1000 homework solutions (less than 4 written characters per answer) per new user that is added over a 2 month period; after that, an old user can still access the site, but they won’t be contributing any more to the database.
  3. It would be very, very bad if my site “went down” since students will be submitting time-sensitive homework questions.

Right now I’m using Godaddy and have had no problems with them. However, I’ve been reading up on them on the web and it looks like they have tons of complaints.

Anyway, as my post is currently, you may need more information before letting me know if:

  1. Godaddy is a good host
  2. If there are any database/traffic issues that I also need to consider.

Thanks so much!


it is marketing strategy with " unlimited " word

That is more optimistic. It may require you to rank top in many keywords to get a traffic of that sort. However, taking the assumptions, what is your budget right now?

Hosting packages differs with features starting from limited size and few databases to unlimited features of size bandwidth and database support. It is all about the budget you have in your mind or afford.

My budget is pretty much small to none without the income from the site. :slight_smile:

But, I am concerned that if things start to grow that it would be difficult to change hosts, databases if need be. Is it easy to switch a host? change a database? once things are up and running?

I used to have my site on godaddy but not now…i just moved it up to a different host.
As on godaddy my site was loading slow and when i asked them about the problem …the only answers was clear ur cache…check ur connection…etc etc
There are problems with it due to overcrowded servers

I appreciate the input! Can I ask who you’re using now?


I am using at the moment.
I am happy with there customer support and uptime.
<snip/> yesterday i crossed my bandwidth limit for the first time in the life of my blog and my site was not down…i just received a notification to take necessary step within 48 hours, so i upgraded my plan.

Thank you…I’ll check them out!


I personally would get the site up, with the idea that it might grow big over time, but see how it goes to start rather than trying to get a cheap and basic solution now that’ll grow over time (only way you can really do that is cloud based hosting).

You may find you can run on a basic hosting account for a few months / year even when the site picks up in traffic. It may be years before you need a proper dedicated server of your own.

Best advice, get something up on the hosting you have and see where it goes - taking it from there.

Thanks for the advice!

Hello Eric!
I believe that is always good idea to give a try to a company which you like.
But if you have doubts if they accept you with your web site or not you need to ask them.
Most of the modern web hosts have online presales chat.

Thank you!

i appreciate of your desires, But for completing them you have to host with that hosting company that gives you unlimited features like unlimited bandwidth, unlimited data base and mini 1000 emails ids etc. For this purpose you have make your budget according to them, Every desire needs time, if you are serious in your work then i am sure you will be succeeded.

There is no such thing as unlimited in web hosting. Normally when hosts say unlimited they mean Fair User Policy. There is a limit somewhere, but it’s very high and will probably never be reached by most of their clients, so for all intents and purposed it can be seen as unlimited, even though it isn’t!

No-one can offer truely unlimited anything, there will always be a limit somewhere :slight_smile:

Yes, you are correct. Its all a way to attract the customers to their side in the name of unlimited features. But, surely there must be some limit that will be known only when we pass away that limit.

I do wish companies wouldn’t be allowed to advertise “Unlimited*” services (hiding a fair use / limit in the small print).

Here, use our "un"limited service, till you hit “the limit” sigh

Unlimited has a different meaning when it comes to hosting you know.