Article directories -duplicate?

Are the articles you submit to article directories meant to be copies of articles of your own site(duplicates), or are you meant to specifically write unique articles for exclusive publishing on these directories.

I can see a conflict of search engines peanlizing your website for “duplicate content” if the same identical article appears on both your own website and the article directory.

A lot of internet marketers are actually hoping that people will pick up the articles and republish them and they are expecting the duplicate content. I am not a fan of this strategy, but there are certainly people who are in the other camp.

You can create unique shorter articles to be submitted to article directories and you can leave links in those articles leading to your site. but don’t make it the very same content from your web pages.

I agree with you wardcosbyson. You can submit shorter article with a link directly to the main article on your site. In that way, your writing will not be considered as a duplicate copy.

I am agree with the above post and very your website can be penalized if you are submitting duplicate content on other website. There are two solution for that

  1. Whenever you submit article write Source name there also, when you have this article on the website.
  2. Whenever you submit article spin it before submitting on other website. by following these two tips we can avoid duplicate content penalty.