Duplicate Content on Article Directory, How to Manage?

On my article directory, duplicate contents are posted everyday, I just want to know that how I can be safe if others content was copied and posted to my directory, then original content owner would sue on my directory or what would be the consequences?

I don’t think so. By big players I believe you are referring to EZA or goarticles. By nature of the sites, duplicate content IS expected. After all, the article is to be republished in multiple other site and blogs.

I know about article submitting to article directories and that supports well for search engine ranking… but i have a doubt. I submit articles to article directory when i add new article to my website. The same article i add to my site is added to the article directory too. so, wont the search engine find it as a duplicate contents? what is the differrent betweent duplicate content and to this? Please give me any suggestion ragarding this and please help me regardng this doubt. Perhaps you can appreciate the good things what I recommend<snip />

hi dear

If you are having a duplicate content to your site then firstly you should try to correct them or check that by using the link below

that who are copying your content. You can claim on that particular person also. I am dam sure you will get a safe content site after this process.
<snip />

http://www.copyscape.com/ can help you with the identification of duplicate content but removing them on time and keeping your directory spam free needs paid moderators at work.

Getting a moderator is the best way to prevent this to some extent. Other than this, there’s practically no way you can stop anyone from posting duplicate articles.


Get a moderator to maintain your site so that you can track the spammer. But in consideration that you need to pay the moderators to do the work for you…

Any article rewrite or not submitted in one day to the article submission sites will raise a flag as they are duplicate in time and date as well as the author bio, links, anchor text, content and layout.

I would try copyscape and see if you come up with any results. Usually that is the best way to tell right-off without spending a lot of time and effort yourself.

Don’t know if you have the time to do it, but you can use copyscape to check each article that is posted there…

I think so,

If you can not manage tools then you can not handle spammer because i saw also that in some article directories many people only change title and submit same body contents many times with different urls in body or author signature area.

According to me there are not any way to stop them if you are not managing any tools or editors.


I would say that’s the risk inherent in the type of site you are running. Some of the big players in this field have editorial staff that look for plagiarism using heavyweight tools. If you’re not in a position to do this then you will continue to run the risk. The basic minimum you could do is to ask that all submitted articles be unique or that the person submitting them confirms they have the right to do so. This would show willing on your part but I wouldn’t think it would offer any legal defence.
You’d also need to be prepared to take down any article that you even suspected of being a copy - just to be on the safe side.