Are Profile Backlinks Really Effective?

Anyone do profile links for backlinks? Are they effective in gaining ranking or is it not worth the time spent?

Its not effective. Its spam. Those that do it are parasites abusing other people web properties.

The only people who think its effective are those either selling the service or who have invested a lot of time and money in doing it.

Profile backlinks are not much appreciated by Google, they are actually taken as a spam by Search Engines. For quick ranking and limited ranking purpose its fine

Backlinks coming from profile pages can only benefit you if they are coming from good resources and you are having good activities over there. The biggest problem with profile pages is that, they never get indexed very easily.

Profile links can be of value for two reasons:

  1. They bring direct traffic - but you have to provide value on the forums, otherwise your posts will get flagged as spam and you’ll get banned quickly.

  2. They provide link juice - they ARE valuable as backlinks, eventhough not as much as other types of backlinks.

What a load of absolute nonsense. They provide no link juice!!! Are you one of the low life parasites that uses them, abusing other peoples web properties?

What exactly do you mean by profile links? Do you mean the website link coming from your unique profile page in a forum or the signature links in every posts?

To answer your actual question, I personally dont think they effect your sites ranking. However, profile backlinks could be used for fast indexing.
If you are going to use this method, don’t spam, at least become a true member of these forums and participate and give something back.

Backlinks are not good as compared to other SEO methods. They are sometimes destructive to the site being promoted. They are spamming other sites.

Care to explain how that actually works? Given that the vast majority of profiles do not even get indexed or a nofollow’s, how can that actually lead to fast indexing?

Let’s hold up on the name calling.

They don’t hold any value in SEO in my opinion. They don’t even get indexed unless you ping them.

…which just confirms how useless they are!

i used profile links for 3 month 50 links for each week . after creating 600 profile links not 5 of them are indexed :frowning: don’t use them any more Please . just work on quality backlinks , High PR with Dofollow attribute . Please . i am a victom of profile links .

I don’t think they are completely useless until they are coming from a very good resource. Anyways the site get a backlink which is worth important.

I have actually asked this question before here after I got a “link packet” from another forum. Thought it would work. Created a lot of profile links and guess what happened next, a lot of them were just deleted. Ignore this strategy. For serious!

I have removed the argument from this thread. Friendly debate is fine. Argument is not. If you can’t be civil to each other, this thread will be closed.

Sorry if I have to be a little off topic here, but I’m glad you did that. I don’t really like something like that either. Been bullied here in the past and it wasn’t really a good feeling.

Backlinks have positive or no impact.
Don’t know of any real cases where backlinks have lowered a site’s traffic or rankings.

If you find any let me know so we can buy some of these negative backlinks for our competitors :slight_smile:

They are not effective in bringing quality traffic to your site. How ever, you should put links to your sites on all your profile pages as part of your normal activity online. When you make constructive comments in forums or blogs people will click your links.