Question about profile linking?

How do you use profile linking to promote your website and on which websites should I do it.
Please give me some examples of the sites I should use and does it work like social networking sites where I need to build my network.
Is it effective SEO practice or just a waste of my time?:confused:

It’s likely to be useless from an SEO perspective, but still will have some use in the wider, internet marketing perspective. The more exposure, the better.

It is a resource-consuming process that requires patience. It will take time to do all the SEO work, the benefits to be derived from it are long-lasting and are certain to be gratifying.

Linking to your Profile means create account on social networking websites and after that link them to your website. Also share some posts on regular basis in every account.

Do profile linking on .EDU/.GOV forums. They give a good link juice than any other.

Do on a consistent basis for good results.

Get some high PR backlinks too. They may cost a little, but very effective.

That is not true, and has been known to be untrue ever since people first started saying it 15 years ago. If you don’t have accurate advice then please don’t give wrong advice.

why do you think that this is wrong advice. of course that domain .edu .gov more efficient than orther domain

Would you prefer to hear it from Matt Cutts?


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Meh, what would he know?

LOL. Thanks for correcting me guys.

I never really liked using forum backlinks for link juice as the task is quite time consuming and most of the times the profiles are moderated or deleted because the admins generally take the task to check someone who has joined a few moments back with jack-and-jill username and have already put a link to a cracko website.

To get feedback & response from profile linking sites, you have to active on these sites & join communities. You must also share post on regular basis. Some good profile linking sites are:,,, etc.

Focus on a handful of selected services and use them actively. Feed them with links and content concerning your topic. Those profiles are only relevant for search engines if they are used actively. If your content goes viral, those links are awesome traffic sources. Social signals like the amount of followers on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are important ranking factor nowadays. But if you don’t use your profiles for conversation and social activities to get those social signals, you just have them linking to your website or blog with an exact match domain anchor text which is not worth it.