Confused about the backlink relevancy

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I have some confusion about backlink relevancy and need help from all experts.
I have a website with of based on Real Estate, so if I participate in Online marketing froum thread and update website link in profile and signature. So these backlinks are good for Real estate website or not?

“Relevancy” is the key.

For example, here, this forum being a web dev forum, the odds are that such a link would not generate any interest let alone any traffic.

And of course for most forums (including this one) it would provide absolutely no SEO benefit of any kind even if the bots could see it.

However, if the forum were a Real Estate forum, and if you established credibility by being an outstanding member, then the chances of other members being interested enough to give the site some traffic would be better.

Just to enlarge on what @Mittineague has said, most reputable forums - like this one - mark outgoing links nofollow, which makes them of no value when building backlinks. (But as he rightly says, they can still be useful for driving traffic, if you build a good reputation.)

Google places little weight on links which you can easily place yourself, so even if the links are not “nofollow”. they’re unlikely to benefit you greatly. And you need to be aware of Google’s guidelines, and not make posts likely to be regarded as a “link scheme”.

Yes backlinks are very important for the site to get rankings in search engeines, we can find the relevancy by analyzing competitor analysis for the top 10 competitors of our site…

…but this is not what @JamesScruggs1 is asking about. He has posted a very specific question, so please take the time to read it carefully and respond.

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I daresay you probably won’t.

Backlink relevancy is the closeness of a linked keyword to your website. Where it’s placed also matters.

As for your question, no, I don’t think it will be good for your website IF you entered a forum not closely tied to real estate.

For example, you entered a basketball forum, and you put a real estate backlink on your signature. It’s not good for your site, and the chances of it garnering clicks from other members is close to zero.

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You should go for some real estate forums or other closely related niche communities. If you establish yourself as a credit worthy member for those communities by sharing and discussing possible issue than their link either it is Dofollow or Nofollow, this can helps you. Otherwise getting link form unrelated source might hurt your website ranking.

Don’t confused about keyword relevancy,only post on forums or website related to your niche you will get good response because if your keyword is real estate and you posting in sitepoint forum,i think its not relevant.Get and share your ideas on related forums or websites,find your relevant keyword forums or site go to google type the strings “Forum + Real estate”,i hope that will be helpful answer for you.

A link is relevant when it is providing your traffic. I think it is relevant when you are active on any community. When people get relevant answers from your side then they take interest to visit your profile. In that case, you have a chance to get traffic. If your place signature or links somewhere make sure, you must be active there. It only makes sense…

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