Approached by Media Mayhem. Any experience?

I’ve been approached by a company called Media Mayhem Corporation wanting to run advertising campaigns on my site. I haven’t been able to find much information about them from a few preliminary web searches (which is disconcerting in itself) and their whois ( ) is a bit suspect as well.

Does anyone have any experience working with this company? Or can anyone offer any further information or advice?



I currently work with Media Mayhem on a few projects and run their ads on our online men’s magazine, TrendPimp, There isn’t much information under the company name because it was only started last year. Since signing up, we’ve had some pretty large campaigns, a horror movie ad from LionGates Studios, and a few mainstream music banners, some CPMs were in the double digits.

Originally we signed up because we have a history with the management. The team has worked with bigger sites like Savvy and Kontraband who all push well over 300,000 uniques daily and run very successful advertising campaigns.

If they came to setup ads then your site probably fits a niche in their market they have direct buys for, which will have larger CPMs than any default network like Casale/Tribal.

You can check them out on our about us page:

Proxied WHOIS. Never a good sign for a company.

If smoke10010 is being honest then they sound pretty good, although I am always wary of first posters. However I would agree on the domains by proxy problem. I NEVER do business with a company that doesn’t even put it’s address in it whois. They do list a full address and phone/fax numbers on their contact page though - so maybe the whois is just an oversight.

smoke10010 - could you let one of the reps at MMC know about this thread and hopefully they can answer some of the questions that always arise about new networks.


Yeah I usually lurk but I saw a thread about these guys so I thought I’d jump in.

I’ve been recieving cheques from them for over a year now and never had a problem with late, or skimmed amounts. We even run a few click programs on the side that push up traffic in the millions per month anywhere from a penny to even two cents so that’s a hefty chunk of money I’d be pissed off about if it was late even by a few weeks.

I also use Media Mayhem on

2 Thumbs up . The rates for the banners are excellent, and the checks are always on time. I beleive I signed up with them around September of last year and I have nothing but good things to say.

Hey guys, This is Scott from Media Mayhem. First off thanks Alex and Wally for the kind words and support. Media mayhem was started in August of 2006, Both of my partners and I have been at this game for over 5 years now.

We started Media Mayhem because there was no advertising firms out there that any of us have worked with that was A. Honest B. says what they mean and C. believes in customer service. We are focused to make MM be all of those and then some.

We have a very hard working staff, and we all push very hard for our clients and our advertisiers. Making our clients and advertisers happy is king with us.

The proxy on the whois was an oversight, and is being addressed as I type. My email is, feel free to hit me up with any questions what so ever.:slight_smile:

lostmouse, they are running Tribal Fusion tags with FastClick as a default. If you site has decent content. I suggest that you apply for a Tribal Fusion account your self. They generally pays on 55% rev share, unless you are a super star.

Hi Scott and thanks for joining in the discussion. It is always good to see new networks develop and be open to discussion in a forum environment.

Can I ask what kind of eCPMs and rev share you offer your publishers?
Also, what kind of fill rates are you generating at the moment and what ad serving solution do you use.
I would email you but I think others would like to know these answers too.,


Hi Masm50, ECPM’s vary from type of site and the setup you wish to use us for. We can discuss on a case by case basis after looking at the website in question. We are not an ad network like ValueClick, we are an ad representation firm.

There is a huge difference between the two, I can go into further detail if you want to give me a call. Also, I would like to emphasize, that we do not work with just any publisher, we are selective as we only bring on partners we know we have the right advertisers for. There would be no sense for us to sign a website if we were not able to sell them, that would not make sense to either party.

Our fill rate depends on the type of site we are representing. We use Accipiter for our adserving solution (Atlas is the parent company) and we have had good experiences. Please feel free to contact me for further questions.

My Best,



Welcome to Sitepoint. I have a couple of questions about MM. I visited both DailyHaha and Trendpimp and I notice a lot of run of network ads. Is that what MM provides? I am just a little confuse what you mean when you say you are not a network but an ad representation firm.

Do you have an example of the type of campaigns you are currently running or am I already looking at the deals right now?

Also, how do you sign up? What is the website?


Hi Scott do you run CPA offers or charge CPMs for advertisers. I am interested in your service. do pm me when you can to discuss

Scott, I am interested too. I notice a lot of blinking ads on dailyhaha and trendpimp so just curious if its performance ads or not you are selling. Any info or point us in the right direction would be great. thanks!

^^ Guys if you’re interested I would get on a email Media Mayhem directly as I imagine Scott, like other networks reps, only check these boards infrequently.


I’ve personally worked with scott on numerous projects for nearly a year as well… VERY VERY stand up guy.

I highly recommend STAYING AWAY from Media Mayhem. Reason: They claim to be making over $10 million a year, yet they don’t pay a lot of their advertisers. Many phone calls, many emails to Scott Messick himself returns unanswered, or with an answer that promises to pay immediately yet you don’t hear from him or anyone else, until you are lucky to get a hold of him months later.

If you do not believe me, do a quick search on google for
Media Mayhem
Media Mayhem reviews
Media Mayhem advertising
Is Media Mayhem Good

and you will run into many many posts written by advertisers who are not getting their monies.
Here is a few of the links where you can find the complaints and some of the posts are as recent as a couple of days ago: