Anyone have any experience with

anyone have any experience with

i just got a email from them also… so anyone can share his experience with them!!?

got one also.

>I write from Marimedia Ltd, an international network that runs 6 billion >impressions.

6 billion impressions ! Hmmmm…

Just got their email too. Anyone tried them yet? I’ve tried googling, but there doesn’t seem to be any reviews about them.

Seems like they are new. Until I receive a couple of timely checks from a network, I don’t consider that I “know” them.

Ran 500k 468x60 ad impressions on a webmaster forum, it didn’t work well. Very low click rate and conversion rate suggest our visitors were not interested in their ads (mainly game ads and test your IQ type of ads). Only $0.01 CPM (normaly $0.1-$0.4 with local ad networks). Maybe it will work better with your websites.

There were no complaints about marimedia ads from forum users (and they are quick to notice viruses and similar stuff), so they seem to be trustworthy.

I used them many months back, hit the min. payment and never received the payment.

In fact, can’t get any reply from them.

Better raise the alarm !! Toot …toot

We started sending traffic in aug and They said it’s net 60. After we pushing a few times, the sales person keep saying accounting is working on it. Then now, they are not responding.

Owners: Maia Shiran and Ariel Cababi. Contact person: Ivan Facianof and Shlomi Yosef

I had a chance to communicate with them before sign up… it looks like they are not really know what they are doing… so i declined to work with them… i wouldn’t recommend them… try adbrite better or adsense

Another vizi type of network.
Paid for first few months, will ask for more impressions & then disappeared with big fat wallet in their pocket.

Wait… that’s not the end yet.
Then they’ll inject viruses inside the ads.
When you make complaint, they would tell your sites have been flagged for fraudulent activity hence no payment, case closed.

That’s seems to be the standard operating procedure for many yieldmanager networks.



Is that serious ? I just put a loads of sites to them, I mean since a week only, so Im gutted now to have to remove all and look for another agency.

But just to share my initial experience, they demanded to ring me, then offered 1/8 of the rate I asked by phone, then made ME do the code that control the frequency of the ads being displayed (4 times per day, per user - weird as looking at the iframe they gave me, it have this code in it already, in javascript), they made me sign and send a contract saying I need to give 24 hour notice to quit, asked me for no payment address (paypal etc), and keep insistently asking me for more impressions. The ads are spam of the kind “Live and work in the USA” etc.

It does sounds fishy doesnt it ?

So I suspect they will say that my code for display frequency dont work and will not pay, or pay a fraction of it in the end.

First of all, we would be happy to get the publisher id’s of those people who did not receive their payment on time. If there was an internal issue on our end, we would like to take care of it promptly, and if there was any error on the invoicing, this is also something that can easily be resolved.
In the future, we recommend contacting us for assistance; we promise a quick response and a great effort to solve any pending issues.

For your information, Marimedia is an established player in the digital marketing field as a leading performance-oriented advertising network. In fact, we are currently a major player in the European market, and having grown significantly throughout 2010, we are currently counting with 8 billion page impressions on a monthly basis. Marimedia offers not only unique and reliable optimization technology and know-how, but also the expertise and professionalism that come with years of experience. As such, we would be glad to evaluate the option of working with new publishers.
Pls check out our website at, and feel free to contact your campaign manager with any further questions, comments or issues.

to Lordoptimizer,

Who should I contact directly for the late payments? I have tried to get in touch with Ivan, Shlomi, Karin, Maia, and your accountant department, that our payments are 4 months behind. So far, i got no response.

I totally agree with ARGV1900, Mari Media ignored all my e-mails. And Lordoptimizer just showed us how they respond to payment issues.


Hello SitePoint members and visitors,

I am a representative of Marimedia and would like to address some of the comments here on this thread.

While the majority of our partners stay with us for years, we unfortunately do not hit a home run with every new partner in the first few weeks. A two week trial is usually a very short time for most campaigns to start seeing a positive ROI and sub-$1,000 is a small budget for most Internet marketing campaigns. This is something we communicate with all our new partners when we discuss bringing them on board. Sometimes a positive ROI can be seen in 2 weeks but usually takes longer. Our best performing partners have been with us for years and continue to see a positive ROI every month with us.

Please note that payment issues are sometimes out of our control. Local tax authorities do not allow us to make payments without invoices and missing or incorrect payment information could also delay payment. Every case is unique. Please contact me directly using the information below and I will be glad to work with you to resolve any issues you may have.

Marimedia has been operating for over five years and generates over 12 billion impressions every month to our partners. Our company has had tremendous growth during the past several years due to the strength of our optimization team and our technology, but mainly due to our returning partners every month who trust Marimedia to deliver them a high ROI on a consistent basis.

I encourage anyone to contact me with comments, suggestions, or questions. You can also leave a reply in this thread and you will receive a reply shortly. We thank you for your interest in Marimedia.

Tomer Nahumi | Marimedia Ltd. | skype: MarimediaOnline

Sorry for my bad english , I write only Greek.

marymedia is all lies and gives 0 money.

He promised $ 0.40 and while I had

We’ve sent * 299.265 Impressions (7 days), CPM air 299 X $ 0.40 = $ 119.60

and he said it will pay $ 2 !!!

and wants a bill did not originally reported on the invoice.


asks for views but pays only if you wrote
and has commercials only for precise charges mobile (over 20 € per entry for Greece)

and told me the same as State webmastereu, then pressed for more appearances, and all say “your stats zero”

and I see a lot of site same answer, and not only words that are the problem.

admin :

Right Media platform are only good as a temporary solution…

Received an email from Marimedia today asking me to join, but after reading all these bad threads it seems their reputation is in the toilet. Avoiding them.

If you want see more about the type of ad code they use. Do a google search for " " or and you will see the problems users have with it.

I can only echo what has been said here, they are unprofessional. Their ads have viruses and most are illegal. And they leave with the money I have been told. It is a no-go.