Anyone heard of

someone from marimedia contacted me regarding joining their network but i never heard of them before

do they pay? are they legit?

Yes and you shouldn’t use them, they are scammers, I still haven’t received my payment for November’s revenue after three and a half months now and the response I get from my so-called Account manager is that accounts are working on it!
Google them and you’ll also see other people saying the same.
So my advice is to seek another ads provider.

Hi Tamer,

I am a representative of Marimedia. I apologize if there was an issue with your account. Can you please contact me with your account information and who was your account manager? My contact information is below. I promise a prompt reply and a resolve to your issue. We are usually very, very good with paying on time. We would not have amassed a network of 5,000+ publishers and 1,000+ advertisers if we did not pay.

Please note payment issues are sometimes out of our control. We cannot make payments without invoices or incorrect information. Contact me and we will work together to determine what was the issue.

Tomer Nahumi | Marimedia Ltd.
Skype: MarimediaOnline