JEMM Media anyone heard of them?

yea i have. they are good. They require certified European Traffic when doing media buys. What do you need them for?

Just a note to say that Jemm Media are indeed a GOOD FIRM even though
I have seen them listed as scammers by Scamdex (who were wrong) and
by a SEO Site in the States (which did not even bother to check them out
before dissing them on-line).

I recommend them to anyone looking for internet advertising or wishing to
monetize ad spaces on their website.


This is not true. Jemm Media are indeed a FAKE FIRM. Our invoice is 150 days overdue. Mr. Matt Whaley giving a lot of empty promises but doesn’t pay for the service.
Need details? You are welcome.

Please see PM re Jemm …

Please send it…
I’ve got nothing yet =)

Got it.
Replied today.

Hey, any feedback? Haven’t heard from you since replyed.
What was your interest? Just curious…