Experiences with advertising networks

Many of you have at least worked with one of these companies below. A lot of you have encountered bad experiences, with these; care to share some good ones?

Do not self promote your own company here if you work for one of these companies mentioned.

Active Response Group
Aqua Media Direct
Community Connect

CPX Interactive
Generate Norway AS
Global Interactive
Interactive Avenues
Interep Interactive
Kitara Media
Media Precision
Media Shakers
Motive Interactive
Myna Agencies
Next Click Media
Outer Info
Q Interactive
Quarter Media GMBH
Quired Media
RealCast Media
Redux Media
Tickle Grapevine
Traffic Venue Network
Valence Media
Value Commerce
Vizi Direct
Web Royalties

If someone will read this post occasionally…
Aqua Media Direct is SCAM. Debt is more than $500 since May. Mr. Dustin Peterson read my emails but does not answer them as well as does not pay.
Stay away!

Who has the highest payout, come on peeps, share your insight here.

Wow - that is one long list.
I have had experiences with numerous ad networks, both those on and off your list. I have put my experiences (or at least the relatively positive ones) on my review site - AdBalance if you want to read my perspective.

There are a good number of networks on your list I don’t recognise though :frowning:


Yes a lot of names i dont know…

Stick with companies you know.

I use CPX Interactive as a filler at the end of my chain, they fill 100% of my traffic, granted CPM rates kinda suck, but I can’t complain because I send them all the defaults form my other networks. Add Tribal Fusion, Value Click, and Canep Media to that list. They are the other networks I am using, I have had generally good experiences with them. Tribal Fusion pays the best, can’t rival their rates. Value Click was great when it was still Fast Click but since the merger they started paying a lot worse. Canep Media is a relatively new company, but they pay decently good rates, and they pay on time so I can’t complain.

Some of them networks are good and then a few are not so good. I would also agree to stick with the ones you know and the ones that are popularly mentioned on the forums that has a lot of good discussions about them.

Wow… thats a long list and I’ve never used any of them. I work with:

Tribal Fusion
Valueclick Media
Google Adsence
Vibrant Media
Burst Media
Realtech Media
Blue Lithium

I’ve noticed that CPXInteractive usually has a number of ads which embed pop-ups in them linking to spyware sites and sometimes popping up trojans. Has anyone else experienced this? Got complaints from users and eventually removed them, even told CPX about the problem when I caught one of the ads which done it and that ad eventually got removed, but the problem kept occurring so I had to let them go. Don’t get me wrong CPX are very good people and they respond promptly, but no one should have to monitor ads constantly.

Currently Using:
Tribal Fusion
Vibrant Media
ValueClick Media
Google Adsense

Also I’m wondering about adnet (adnetinteractive) anyone used them?

The ads aren’t a problem with CPX (I’m sure of that) but the scum that use RMX direct to try to get it on other network. Every network has this problem unfortunately.

I’m using a good few of them to.

I only use Google Adsense

Putting ads on Sitepoint and promoting yourself on the forum shows immaturity on your part.

You didn’t read what the top poster said…

Do not self promote your own company here if you work for one of these companies mentioned.

Hey Genius,

Vizi and CPX are different companies. Sit down, shut up and learn.


What are you trying to accomplish by working with Affiliate Networks? I think it totally depends on what your goals are in order to fairly answer this question or to even talk pros and cons about specific networks. Some networks do CPA, some CPM, etc. Because they all offer different advantages it’s hard to say which one would make a good business partner for you. Can you provide a bit more insight into what you do? Thanks!


adnet pays about the same as CPX. It also uses YM.

Out of the yieldmanager networks (CPX, realmedia etc.) I’ve found that Bannerconnect keeps the highest quality ads, as in they really try to filter away extreme animations, ads with built-in popups and such.

Looking at their press releases they seem to work more actively to prevent shitty ads from being displayed. They pay on time too.

Rates are the same as any yieldmanager network…low, but with 100% fill. However, if you provide high quality traffic with good conversions you can get great rates. Some days I have reached $0.7 for banners just because I had some good conversions. The whole point with the yieldmanager platform is a mix of CPM and CPA, with greatly increased eCPM if your traffic converts.

Anyone using PrecisionClick? Wondering about them, really haven’t read much but a few lows here and there. Anyone had any experiences?

I have had some really bad experiences with some of the smaller networks that seem to run by the seat of their pants (which definitely includes ViziDirect). Multiple times I got “Oh sorry” replies when they posted porn ads or adult dating ads and most of the rest they sent was those lame “click here and win” kind of junk ads. I may only get $1 to $2 with ASDAQ and ValueClick when it’s averaged out, but am using them exclusively now because they only serve up real ads form quality companies. Naturally though, Adsense performs the best overall…