Any recommendations for a good domain broker to BUY a domain on my behalf?


Can any one recommend a good domain brokerage service for a domain name that I would like to purchase (anonymously).

I have looked at SEDO and the my concern is that you have to put in a Maximum amount you are prepared to pay for the domain - My concern with this is that they will just offer the maximum amount as they are on a commission % of the sale price, so it is not in their interests to negotiate anything but the highest price possible.


Ive used godaddy with success before. I charge 70.00 plus a 10% commission. They provide the following:

Our Professional Domain Buy Service provides personal Domain Agents who will:
Complete a Certified Appraisal within 2 business days of service purchase.
Attempt to contact current domain owner, to determine interest in selling their domain.
Negotiate the sales price of your desired domain (if the owner is willing to sell their domain).
Help facilitate the sales transaction (if a sales agreement is reached).

Godaddy is good with domain brokerage, we used their service before

Dont use godaddy. They just send out a form and nothing ever gets done. Use a real domain broker. Try contacting domain name brokers association or PM me for contact info.

I too have used GoDaddy with success on behalf of a client, in that case the registrant owner was located in Japan and spoke very bad english, yet GoDaddy managed to get the everything set within a couple of days. So in my experience, GoDaddy (despite the strange name) is an excellent lowcost broker.