Best way to contact a domain seller?

What’s the best way contact a domain seller to make an offer?

I noticed that godaddy has a “Domain Buy Service”. Would this be a good way to go?

The situation:
I’m in a bit of a pickle, with a domain name that i neglected to renew. It’s a domain name that’s only valuable to me and my users. It’s pretty unique, and you wouldn’t understand what it meant unless you knew me or was from my community. So i’m sure that the current owner wouldn’t make a sale to anyone other than myself. (Unless someone from my community wants to register it… hopefully not).

So anyway, i was advised that, given the circumstances, i should offer the domain price + $5. I offered the gentleman $30. I did a whois for his email address and used that to contact him. The phone number listed was not working, and i’m not sure if I want to try his mailing address, because I might end up waiting forever for nothing.

So far, the only thing i’ve done was contact him with the $30 offer, explaining my interest in the domain, and a little about why I might be his best buyer. Now, I’m a little concerned because it’s been five days, and I haven’t received a response yet. So I have no idea if he’s received my offer or not, if he just declining my offer.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

Yeah GoDaddy has their “Domain Name Broker” service.

Sounds like a bunch of garbage to me though as it is 70 bucks for someone else to basically do what you can do yourself. If the domain you’re trying to get back isn’t valuable, then I’m sure he/she probably just haven’t seen your E-Mail yet, or are just not interested in selling.

Thanks for the quick response! :slight_smile:

Yea i was wondering what godaddy’s service was about. It had me thinking that they had some special way to contact the sellers. But if they’re just sending out emails like me, then i might save $70.

Thanks again,