Any best tool to get complete backlink data?

Yes, you are right Yahoo explorer is no longer available. So my friend i think Backlinkwatch is better tool then other. It is user friendly. Ri8 ?

Blekko is a search engine but they USED TO provide some FREE SEO info if you added the /seo tag the the url you wanted to look at. They have since abrubtly removed the free use of the site to a lot of peoples annoyance and hiked the price to $99

It was a nice free tool, but I doubt many people will pay this price for it as it wasn’t that great, just great because it was free…



Thanks for your response…

Do you mean to search with something like this? - /seo [noparse][/noparse]

When I did this, I did not get the deserved or expected outcome.

I believe Majestic SEO is a paid tool and also they do not have a good backlink checker. Moreover, when I search Google for backlink checker, I get majestic SEO in top 10, but when I open its kinda downloadable file.

It would be [noparse][/noparse] /seo

As above tho, they have removed this free service without warning and now charge. Most people would agree it was a great free tool but not worth the $99 as other site are better if you want to pay for it.

That’s true. Most tools are not worth the money they ask for. Moreover all the websites listed for “backlink checker” are not genuine backlink checkers. Even though I find some tools, they are not worth. Some do provide backlinks data, but just 5 or 10 on one page and we need to click on other pages to view the rest. Just think about a website with 10000 backlinks and how many times one need to click on next?

I am using opensiteexplorer .org and do manually checking in Google with link operator. backlinkwatch sometime is not properly running.

ya i use that its very helpfull…

i use seoelite and webceo. they are cool tools.

I will give a try to this tool.

Actually, I do agree that manual checking on Google with “link:” works well, but its a pain in the head. Google always shows several results from the same website and you need to add"" for all those domains in your search to get a clear and perfect backlinks data.

Backlinkwatch does not work well sometimes, when the server is busy and whenever there is much activity from your IP. This happens to me a lot of time, they give statements such as “you are faster than me” or something that is displayed whenever its not working.

SEOElite is a typical marketing kinda website which is too long and with junk content. They dont even have a free tool for anything and who would pay for a tool from a website that is of a typical sales landing page with 10 of pages or content.

WebCEO sounds good, but even its a paid tool.

I use mostly ibacklinkpro, ahrefs and majesticseo. They have free option aswell.

Backlinkwatch is best seo tool for checking backlink we used it for backlink checking…

I think we’ve covered the main options here. I’m closing the thread before it gets too repetitive.