Another question about duplicated content

I have a simple question with a simple example:
I have a links page on my site with 100 links going out.
I want to create another page exactly the same as the first one, but with only 30 links taken from the first page (same links, but only 30 of them).
Is it legal? I dont care about the PR or value of the second page. I just need to know if Google will punish me for that.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

If they belong to different domain names is not important. If you simply have a list of links going to other sites, the content would be considered duplicated nevertheless for the simple reason that it is… it is just a shorter version of the page.

And yes, you could punish a competitor but if your competitor complains to Google and Google investigates, you will likely be kicked out. They will not tell you. It is a simple as looking who published it first

so whats the verdict? one reply says its ok, the other of Molona says its not ok.

Another question please:
What about having the same list of links on two pages that belong to two different domain names? is that a duplicate and a “links farm”?
I dont think so because thats a great way to take your competition out of the google index. Anyone can make a site banned this way, so I dont think that Google really punishes different sites that have the same links on their pages. I can punish my rival by simply copying his links list into a domain I dont care about… I dont think that Google will allow that to happen.

If your question is if Google will consider it duplicated content because it is the same page but with a reduced number of links, I would say that there is a good possibility that it will.

Still, you already have a good chance that Google thinks your page is a link farm with that amounts of links… I would worry about that too.

Of course, those 100 links may be completely relevant and are there for good reason and makes perfect sense when you read the page and it really depends on the type of site you have. An e-commerce page with lots of products is bound to have lots of links… although most of them link to a page within the domain so…

you do not worry about this matter ? actually you got a 100 links in your first page which is so good news and no problem if you get a same link for another or second page google will look up only for the back links so
you are not in trouble totally …
got it…

There is no problem in that but why are you putting same links on another page specially when the links are going to another websites???

Not by duplicating their content, google don’t punish for dup content, they just ignore the content they think came second.

Not by duplicating their content, google don’t punish for dup content, they just ignore the content they think came second.

I do not think so, duplicating content is the big issue especially for Google. Duplication will not be cause of removing from Google index or SERP but chance for punishing by degrading in Google SERP

And why the number of links? I think if your links page have links to internal pages and when both gets updated regularly - like in ecommerce sites, then you should have no problem. But if it will send outgoing links to oodles of places elsewhere, then I think you have a problem with Google. Also in “another domain,” I think this doubles your problem esp when your domain came second. Dup content + all the links.