Website With Duplicate Content

When people say google will penalize for duplicate content, to what extremes do they mean.

If I have 2 websites and 2 pages are exactly the same, is this going to flag up?

Thanks in advance…

I think it has now been established that Google don’t actually penalise sites that duplicate content (unless one of them is blacklisted for known copyright infringement or plagiarism), but what happens is that duplicate content pulls sites down the rankings by the way the algorithm works.

Let’s say you have two sites that both offer the same content, and you start promoting them and getting links to them from other sites - half of those links may be pointing to one site and half to the other, so what you are doing is diluting your own link juice. It would be much better to have all of those links pointing to the same place and concentrating the link juice into one site rather than spreading it across two.

Plus, why do you want to have two sites offering the same content? That just makes more work for you, pushes your costs up, and increases the risk that you will make changes on one site but not the other, leading to one of them becoming out of date.


I have an old site and a new one which I basically did SEO. Keyword in URL, optimized e.t.c and foolishly started it this way. Older site has greater domain age and PR of 1 having done nothing, so started to think mayabe this is the better one. Yeah…I know.

So until 1 of them performs well, I am SEO’ing or at least trying to both of them…

Really if your website have duplicate content then your website will take more time in promotion. Do you know that if you are posting daily new content at your website then Google view daily something new at your website and crawl fast and your website get unique visitory by SMO.


Well for unnecessary duplicate content issues, you may lose ranking. So, I request you to block one page at one website including the page location in robots.txt. Moreover as mentioned by one of my fellow posters, you are diluting your SEO efforts and wasting your time, so take steps asap.


How good is google at detecting same page as in url, but different content as in text or slightly re-written content.