Hey guys,

I was looking for some recommendations on web analytics programs. Something a little easier to understand and work with then Google Analytics. Any suggestions?


there are tons of web analytic software. here is a long list of them

IMO GA is best free one out there.

If your web host has provided cPanel. There is an inbuilt analytics program pre installed with it. Apart from Google that would be the tool I recommend.

Sitemeter is another analytic tool widely used by web masters, i believe the free version has limitations and the premium one provides lot more features !

Let’s reverse this for a second… Rather than saying “how do I get something easier” let’s talk about what analytics means and what you’re trying to do with them.

There are lots of reasons to simplify but as you step into basic hits & pageview metrics you lose what really matters: the deep dive.

While GA and similar tools may seem overwhelming, it is the complexity that tells you what’s really happening. What pages do people get too? Where are they stuck? How are your funnels running? Is mobile growing about the average?

Analytics without the time to digest them are just about useless but as you think about a tool I’d suggest that you find something that meets in the middle… direct enough for you to get but with enough time invested to benefit from.

Thanks for the input, its just that i have a hard time translating some of that data into actionable things to do to my site. I was looking for a software that could actually let me see some of my visitors experience, if that kinda software is even feasible. I was thinking like being able to see mouse clicks and moves…

I think Google Analytics is the best. It offers huge number of features to analyze your traffic. You can easily track your Adword campaign from the Google Analysis. It is easy to compare results and you can easily set goals.

I use Google Analytics myself but someone in another forum mentioned Clicky. It’s not free but you are able to see what the visitors are doing on your site in real time, versus GA where you have up to a 24 hour delay for all of your data. Looks like it’s pretty straight forward if you’re looking for something “easier.”

Google analytic is free software provided by Google to track record of your website. This gives you code, after submitting this code in your site, you can track all the data about your site like Traffic Details, Country Details where you get traffic, keywords that user type to find your site.

“i have a hard time translating some of that data into actionable things to do to my site.” hey Bobbziman …what that xactly mean…just explain the problem properly so that we can help you directly…

Hi there
Google analytics represent the complete status of your site if your make your website on blogger you can check status on blogger but the google analytics check the fresh and complete status of your website this is a like as software but you can see this as like a software…

Always used GA. It gives all the information we need, is free and, IMO fairly simple to use.

Prefer to use Google Analytical tool.

Google Analytic is the best.

ive been using google analytics for 2 years now and for its the best. but if you need simpler analytics then try statcounter, its the first analytic ived used and its great coz it simple and easy to understand. try it and youll see

i will say Google analytic is best. i am using it from last 4 years, it shows good information. Though there are lot of other analytic software available.