Are you using Google analytics or else?

[B]Hello members,

I am using Google analysis since 2010 and it is enough capable of providing almost all vital data regarding traffic and other components.
Somewhere I came to know about, which is a Google analytic alternative.
Do you have any experience about or suggestion for better alternative of Google analytics.

I would appreciate support and feedback.

Have you checked Bing’s Phoenix update? They’ve rolled out the new Bing Webmaster Tools, and SEOMoz has this Whiteboard Friday episode all about it. I’ll have to agree with Babar2b on using Google Webmaster Tools as well if you really want to get a lot more data than just the Analytics.

There are many free tools to use in analyzing websites. However, the most common is the Google Analytics. Aside from this tool is the Yahoo! Web Analytics. It is an alternative tool to the dominant Google Analytics.

Analytics for me has always, been at the core of my measurement toolkit an it would have to be a pretty amazing advancement made by someone else to make me move. Google Analytics is great out of the box, but when you start digging a little deeper, setting up goals and commerce, custom tracking elements, reports, exception rules it really start to come alive - sometimes hard to believe it’s free for what you get.

That said I do leverage other tools when I need to dig even further on certain activities. Click Tale etc offer insight in ways that GA just can’t. Their form analytics is a good example . There’s also often a need to integrate other business metrics with online activity and for that I use more generic reporting tools.

I am also using google analytic to track my traffic however after it’s latest version i feel some difficulty to understand the functions and there are still many thing in new version i can’t understand however, trying hard to understand its latest functions.

I recommend Woopra over Google Anayltics. They have a lot of useful “live” statistics and a helpful chat module for businesses to use.

we always use google analytics code but i have no idea about Woopra. Anybody can tell me about Woopra?

on a daily basis stat counter is just fine. Only in case you need more profound level of details , you go with analytics.

I was having issues with Google Analytics coming up on my website, and someone recommended Woopra. You can install code like Analytics, but it’s possible to download a plugin if you have Wordpress which saves the hassle. In any event, they have a great live stats option that shows you who is currently on your website, how they found it, what keywords they used to find it, if you have a database with a login it’ll show you who is logged in etc. At the end of the day, it works for me and it’s easy to try out. I think you do need a membership for commercial websites but there is a 30 day trial.