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Does anyone here use Google analytics? Would you recommend them to others? Have they really helped you?

Google Analytics helped us to see what pages people viewed the most. That helped us understand our audience and what they wanted.
GA also showed us the quick rise of mobile device us of our web site and pushed us to quickly adapt.
GA helps us see the rise and fall of usage throughout the year. Did a campaign add more visitors, or was it unresponsive?

These are just a few of many ways GA helps. Highly recommended for all web sites.


Google Analytics can be very useful. Or it can be a huge time-sink that just makes you more confused. :slight_smile:

Before you start using any analytics tools, you should first decide what information you want to know–and why. What is important for you to know and how will it help you improve and reach your goals? This will help to keep you focused so you don’t get lost in the vast amount of information that GA provides.

GA is a great resource for information, but it also takes a fair amount of time and work to understand what it all means (aside from the very basic "how many people saw my site last month?).


Yes google analytics really helped in getting traffic information.

Thanks all, getting some good input here.:+1: I know I can get a certain amounf of stats via the cPanel, so what would GA give that the hosting stats don’t?

Remember, your server stats are the most accurate figures. GA can be blocked if JavaScript is turned off or if other blocking software is installed.

Best way to find out what it can do for you is to “suck-it-and-see”!

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It can also be prone to referral spam and ghost visits. Depending on how much of this you get Vs genuine visits, it can distort your figures.
Though these can be greatly reduced via filters.

I have installed the GA yesterday and looking through the stats today, I’m struggling to find out what is so good about it?

What kind of data were you hoping to see?
You probably won’t get too much information from just one day.

Yes, it takes a while for data to accumulate.
But there are things you can do while you’re waiting.
One thing would be spending time to get familiar with with the UI and available features so that when the time comes you’ll have an easier go with things.
And you could check for any existing problems and work on getting those fixed.

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