Significant drop in keyword ranking for the blog

I’ve noticed that there is a massive drop for almost all the keywords in my blog for the past two weeks.

I would be a great help if you could kindly let me know the reason behind this.

This is what we call the Google Dance. As Google attempts to check the importance of your website or blog, it can vary in ranking position pretty drastically. My advice is to work on building backlinks for your website from relevant websites and more importantly trusted sources. Submit articles to article sites that are having good rankings, utilize Google Blog Search to do comment on blogs (with a link back to your site) that are related to your niche.

As Google starts to see more authentic links coming to your website, your ranking position should start improving.

Article submission in good pr sites, as well guest blogging with do-follow back link can be helpful for you. You try these, you will have improvement in ranking.

I have had this happen to a very large and established site and it can be pretty worrying but just keep working and it will come back. As long as your still indexed you should be fine. It took about a week for mine to return and it did even stronger.

It seems that you have copied content from other blogs or posted same posts on many other blogging sites.
I have checked your content for duplicacy and found it on many other websites.

The conclusion is, your website is attacked by Panda algorithm. You pages are pushed down because of duplicate content.

Hey, one advice. Never share your blog publicly.

Well Google dance has closed already. I think you did not do the right SEO you used some bad SEO methods or black hat methods. I would like to say use high quality sites and start your SEO again.

How do you mean closed allready?

I thought it was just something that happens randomly/systematically as Google sees significant changes and re-evaluates your position. Or just goes a bit mental for a week or 2?

What? If you don’t make your blog public, (a) what’s the point, and (b) how are you supposed to get more traffic? Let’s have sensible suggestions, please.

i think you should choose those keywords which one is most suitable for your website. it will help to stop your massive drop of keywords.

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